Danger Incorporated Share New Track & Music Video for ‘Wassup Phonies’

Atlanta creative duo Danger Incorporated return with the release of their new single and music video for ‘Wassup Phonies’ via Awful Records/RCA Records

‘Wassup Phonies’ is the next evolution of Danger Incorporated. Made up of Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord, this latest release captures a sound that morphs between hip hop, 90s grunge, and 80s synth-wave. The duo found harmony in contrasting soundscapes, bouncing between Louie Duffelbags’ smooth vocals and Boothlord’s raspy flair while acoustic guitars go up against gritty synth lines and heavy drum pads. It’s gloomy, spacey, and very much embodies the left-of-center spirit of Awful Records.

‘Wassup Phonies’ is the first release since the duo’s 2018 Danger Reality EP, which featured singles,‘Casting Spells’ and ‘Superstars.’ ‘Wassup Phonies’ marks the next wave for the Atlanta creatives, unveiling their latest vision with hints of what’s to come. Keep an eye out for more news to follow this Fall.

‘Wassup Phonies’ is available now via Awful Records/RCA Records.