Profanity-free rapper, Heartless, has dropped a new single that reminds listeners to “Check Ya Self”.  Reminiscent of an early 2000’s club beat, Heartless’ new single boasts a snappy bounce in its production that sets a nice layer for the smooth flow of lyrics interspersed throughout.  The energetic vocals still maintain the grittiness of street music, despite being profanity-free.  Definitely one to listen to, “Check Ya Self” is a quintessential track from the Pittsburgh rapper who continuously has new music to share with fans.

Lendell Black, ubiquitously known as Heartless, is an American rapper and hip-hop artist. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Heartless is popularly known for his profanity-free and upbeat music, and according to some is another “Bone Crusher” in the making. However, according to Black, ” I have my own style”, which is rightly so as his music is known to strike a chord, thus making it a fulfilling yet exciting experience for his audience. Heartless’ unique, profanity-free, hip-hop/rap sound can also be heard on his recently released album Destiny, featuring tracks such as “Feeling Good” and “I Don’t Worry.”

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