Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald releases minimalist-folk track “Good Plates”

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has collected an audience of fans across North America drawn to simple honest words and a genuine smile. Having released 4 full-length albums to date, Fitzgerald has spent his career since 2006 creating music, touring, developing as a songwriter, and connecting with audiences. Fitzgerald’s unique and innovative ideas coupled with his inherent warmth allow him to engage with people in a way that always leaves them meaningfully connected.

Michael’s newest single, “Good Plates,” is a building, encompassing yet minimalist folk track “about being in that place with that person and having a reason to get out the good dishes. Everyone knows that feeling – when those ‘get the good plates out’ moments happen in life. This song is drawing on that feeling and also having that person you love – experiencing those moments together.”

You can now listen to the newest single ‘Good Plates’ below!