Bruno Major – Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City (8th May 2019)

Bruno Major sent a buzz throughout the room of Salt Lake City’s Urban Lounge. The artist reminisced on the last time he was in Utah and performed in what he referred to as a “tiny shed” and before he could finish the crowd erupted with cheers. It was clear that performance in that tiny shed made an impression and he gained fans from there. The same can be said of this Wednesday night at the Urban Lounge. Bruno Major played an electric set of vibesy music to a barroom crowd.

After a beautiful opening set by Eloise, Bruno Major took stage and quickly commanded the attention of the room through music. Kicking off his set with ‘Wouldn’t Mean A Thing’ and ‘Fair-Weather Friend’ it became clear that we were at a top notch show.

Listening to Bruno Major before the show I already knew the sheer talent he has  when it comes to song writing, I knew about his soulful voice, but what I learned about Bruno Major in concert was something I was happy to learn live. Major, the former Jazz guitarist displayed an impressive array of talent on guitar. With multiple great riffs, and five plus minute guitar solos no one wanted to end. The arrangement of these solos into his act made Bruno Major an incredible live act.

After playing his newest song ‘Old Fashioned’ he addressed his relationship with the guitar. He spoke to the crowd about sometimes picking up a guitar and feeling connected and that today was one of those days, it showed.

Interactions with the crowd continued beyond that song and his relationship with guitar. The ‘Easily’ singer was making the crowd laugh and keeping them involved as he transitioned from song to song. One of these instances was unique to this show. Starting off by saying “I’m going to do something stupid tonight…” Bruno Major then went on to explain a process of a new song he has been playing on tour, he admitted that the song had not been working. Going on to say “I rewrote the song today with acoustic and harmonies and we haven’t even tried it out yet. So here we go this might go wrong, but at least you can say you heard it for the first time ever.”

The song which was inspired by a conversation he had with his mother encouraging him by saying “Don’t worry darling all of these things will be part of your tapestry.” He played the song on acoustic guitar, and everyone immediately knew it worked that way. To which Bruno Major exclaimed “You heard it here first!” It was unique and special to see the experiment be pulled off by the band live.

The show slowed down a bit as Bruno Major took a seat at the keyboard playing songs like ‘Just the Same’ which he told the story of writing in twenty minutes. As well as ‘Places We Won’t Walk’ which brought couples around me in the venue to dance together on the venue floor.

Following some time on the piano the tempo sped up and Urban Lounge became a rockin Jazz party as Bruno Major covered John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’ followed by Delbert McClinton’s ‘Standing On Shaky Ground’ both showing off again the talent on guitar, and ranging vocals, with an epic full band experience.

All of these together created a unique experience of storytelling through song and word delivered by Bruno Major. With jokes, stories, and experimentation it became a cant miss show. Just as Bruno Major added to his fan totals in 2018 in a tiny Salt Lake City shed a year later in a crowded concert hall he added several more.

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