Meursault 'Simple Is Good'

Meursault – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Edinburgh’s Meursault return to the fold this February with a new album ‘I Will Kill Again’ and a set of gigs. Hot on the heels of the ‘Simple Is Good’ EP, the band have shared a new video for ‘Klopfgeist,’ directed by Mario Cruzado.

GIGsoup spoke singer-songwriter Neil Pennycook about the forthcoming LP…

What’s behind the decision to put out an EP so soon before your next album is to be released?

The initial idea was for the EP to follow the album. The songs were all written and recorded but for whatever reason, I felt that I wanted to realise something fairly spontaneously and to re-record the songs with the current live band in an attempt to catch some of the energy that had been brought to the songs in rehearsals. I also felt that, because I hadn’t put anything out as Meursault in such a long time, I was justified in putting the two releases so close together without the fear of wearing out people’s attention spans.

How does it feel to have people hearing new music from Meursault after stepping away for several years?

I have no idea really. We’ll have to wait and see how many people are listening. 

Did the writing and recording process differ for ‘Simple Is Good’ compared to your earlier material?

It was recorded, mainly live, with only a few overdubs. In that sense, it has a fair bit in common with ‘Nothing Broke’ and ‘Organ Grinders Monkey’. As I said before, I wanted to let people hear what happened to the songs when the band played on them.

Do you prefer playing live with or without a band and why?

I don’t really have a preference because they’re both such different types of performance that I find it difficult to draw comparisons. There are some things which can be communicated when you’re alone on stage that you just can’t do when there’s a four-piece band behind you and vice versa. I enjoy both though and I also enjoy the challenge of working out ways to present the songs in different settings.

How are you feeling about releasing ‘I Will Kill Again’ in February?

Relieved I think. I wrote this album over the course of four years so I’m glad that people are finally getting to hear it. I’m really happy with how it’s come out and I’m very excited to play these songs live. 

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