As Domestic Abuse Cases Increase Amid Lockdown, Mexican Musician Raises Awareness of Violence and Abuse Against Men

Multi-instrumentalist VCAGE has recently released his single ‘Slam Me’, used as a message to raise awareness of violence and abuse against men in relationships. Not only is ‘Slam Me’ a great track, but it’s hopefully a great way for men around the world to see that there are others out there that face/ have been through the same abuse.

VCAGE was himself the victim of a toxic relationship which spilled over into physical abuse and he hopes ‘Slam Me’ will give people around the world the confidence to realise they are not alone in their suffering and that it’s right to speak out and act against abuse of all kinds, whatever your gender or background. Now more than ever, with millions of people across the world in lockdown, VCAGE feels it is important to remember that men are also victims of this type of abuse.

2019 statistics show 2.2 million men worldwide suffered physically during an abusive relationship during the previous 12 months, a statistic largely overlooked by the media. Victim to psychological abuse and blackmail from his former partner, Slam Me bravely tackles these issues head on, giving a voice to the reported 1 in 4 men who are abused but never report the crime.

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