Alt-Folk Artist Pozzi Releases Final Puzzle Piece To Upcoming Album

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Pozzi isn’t new to politically based songs, and this new single is no exception. “From The Ashes” is another socially-charged single from the artist who is making a name for himself as a brutally honest and vulnerable alt-folk artist.

After his last release, “Tyrant”, took a firm stand against oppression, Pozzi continues to use his music to speak out against all civil injustices. “From The Ashes” is a political commentary on the current state of affairs in the world and even though it was written 5 years ago, the lyrics ring true now more than ever. Gentle and intimate lyrics paired with smooth acoustic guitar allow listeners to fully absorb the artist’s message that Pozzi says is portrayed all around us today. “The lyrics just seemed to ring true now more than ever,” Pozzi said. “ A collective restlessness, cities left to rot, a mindless politician on the run, an interplanetary quest despite crippling the very one we inhabit.” The chorus line of “Everything changes and nothing changes after all” seems to scream of the current situation. “It’s déjá vu,” says Pozzi. However, the song also finds hope – That even though we fall, and even though history seems to repeat itself, we always find a way to rise up in the face of that.

The Boston bred singer-songwriter and guitarist is a member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists. He has spent years performing at legendary venues such as The Hotel Café and The Sayers Club, and has toured throughout North America. His style has been compared to Wilco, Beck, Jeff Buckley, My Morning Jacket, and Sufjan Stevens. His innate desire to create is at the root of his alternative style that provokes an honest form of expression in his music. With an affinity for folk and rock Pozzi crafts acoustic-driven, heartfelt songs that capture a moody, yet timeless, vibe.

“From the Ashes” is the final puzzle piece to Pozzi’s debut full-length album Tyrant – set to release in August of 2020. Produced by Frankie Siragusa at The Lab Studios in Highland Park, Los Angeles, Tyrant is sure to be an in-depth look at the struggles and personal stories that Pozzi is willing to share.