Alexa Ray Releases Empowering New Single, “Fearless”

Alexa Ray has dropped her latest single “Fearless”, the title track of her new album Fearless. Aiming to redefine the common understanding of fearlessness, this track is written as a fight song, encouraging the audience to stay true to who they are even if it means going against the grain of the hypocritical societal standards. To those that have struggled or are still struggling with the dilemma of Striving Vs Self-Acceptance: this is the perfect track to play when you want to release your frustrations and refresh your mind.

Co-written and produced by Randall Jermaine,  “Fearless” is an epic, motivational and uplifting song, defined by Alexa’s unique mixture of atmospheric pop as well as her powerful smokey vocals. It blends the worlds of dark, emotional pop tunes with electronic and cinematic productions to create a truly relative and distinctive experience for the listener. Alexa’s intentions for this track cut through its lyrics, where she explains that striving for acceptance isn’t worth it because you are on the planet to be yourself and no one else. Every time you take a dive against who you are or what you believe in, you lose a little part of yourself. Thus to some extent, this track is a source of courage to stand up for what you believe in, fight bullies, and just be you to the most authentic degree possible.

A native of Toronto, Canada, Alexa Ray is a recording artist, Topliner, lyricist and songwriter who began her musical journey at a young age. Her former operatic training has led her around the world performing multiple venues across the United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States and winning multiple awards and competitions in her youth. Now, Alexa Ray is working to redefine the classical landscape with her unique style, blending the worlds of pop and film score to create music for television, film, and game.

Quickly becoming a sought after recording artist, Alexa has been a featured vocalist on a number of tracks including A World of Color (End Of Silence album), Elementia II (Paulo J. Mendes), From The Ashes (ATOM MUSIC AUDIO), Breath Of Gods (ATOM MUSIC AUDIO) and has had her work streamed millions of times by audiences around the world. In 2018 Alexa was nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Best Contemporary artist, and again in 2019 won for Best Lyricist.

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