ALBUM REVIEW : Tussilago - 'Holy Train'
ALBUM REVIEW : Tussilago - 'Holy Train'

ALBUM REVIEW : Tussilago – ‘Holy Train’

This ‘Tussilago’ review was written by Poppy Waring, a GIGsoup contributor

For those not in the know ‘Tussilago’ are a Stockholm-based band, who create hazy soft psychedelia. New LP ‘Holy Train’ could easily be the soundtrack to your summer, its carefully honey-drenched warm guitars, soft crooning, and gentle repetitious melodies, would appear perfect for this seasonal change.

Fans of Cloud Control, DIIV and the like, will immediately warm to this release. From the out-set it’s an incredibly well produced and tight album  – with well thought out clean clear-cut electronic drums, glistening guitars and even infectious instrumentals; demonstrating Tussilago’s talent for creating imaginitive  soundscapes. Single ‘My Own Dear’ is the LP’s centrepiece, with other highlights, the bright harmonic ‘Paper Silhouette’ and moody closer ‘You Make Me Cry’ also impressing.

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The obvious flaw to the album starts to surface after a few tracks though. The content starts to become quite similar and merges into one large washed out dream. There’s a definite formula to the songs, and even at a singular track level the material becomes repetitious. However, when you listen carefully to the tracks it’s clear that there’s been an awful lot of effort put in to making everything sound absolutely perfect. Certainly nothing seems out of place and everything appears to have been meticulously tested and then applied. However, at times throughout the release you crave a raw edge to proceedings and it simply doesn’t come.

As nice as the dreamy-psychedelic experience is, it’s becoming a scene where a band can get lost in the vast quantities of similarly drifting music. You have to be pushing new boundaries and challenging listeners to be heard and whilst ‘Holy Train’ certainly makes for very pleasant listening, it’s also nothing particularly life-changing or ground-breaking. You get the feeling it’s all been done before.

‘Holy Train’ is out now

The full track-listing for ‘Holy Train’ is as follows…


‘Say Hello’



‘Love Your Demons’

‘My Own Dear’

‘Holy Train’

‘Paper Silhouette’


‘You Make Me Cry’

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