While many may be familiar with the Brit Awards, Grammys and EMA’s there is a huge pool of talent that currently sits outside of the aforementioned nomination demographic.

The Unsigned Music Awards started in 2015 and casts it’s beam away from well known chart-toppers and firmly in the direction of unsigned artists. At GIGsoup we’ve always made a point of giving our readership an insight into the latest and greatest music from unsigned artists and it’s with this in mind that we’ve decided to talk to a few of the acts up for nomination at this years awards ceremony.

Today we’re concentrating on the ‘Best Rock Act’ categories and in particular London band Brother & Bones.

Tell us about yourselves?

We started out the same as everyone else playing in any pub or club that would have us…And if they wouldn’t have us, then we’d find somewhere and put a gig on ourselves. Touring has pretty much been our life, and fortunately we now get to travel around Europe and around the UK doing what we love

How does it feel to be nominated?

It feels great to nominated, and unexpected. We make music to keep ourselves happy and sane, so it’s an added bonus that people are enjoying what we do enough to nominate us.

Describe your style? What are you influences?

Well all of us picked up instruments in the 90’s, I think we all caught a bit of the grunge scene, and probably some indie and American punk stuff too. But like most teenagers that turned out to be just a phase, and I think we all went back a couple of decades. Theres a mutual love of all the old greats (Zeppelin, Hendrix, Dylan etc). 

The beauty of this project is that the 5 of us have had very different upbringings but somewhere along the lines there’s all this grey area of music that we all love

So it’s nice for everyone to bring something slightly different to the table.

The sound started very much more in the folk/singer/songwriter world, but over time and a lot of shows, it’s become a bit heavier but still with a folk backbone.

Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?

Bill Withers, the Live at Carnegie Hall album is incredible back to front. John Martyn ‘Go Down Easy’ aswell from the album Solid Air. Theres tons more, but they really stick out….Dark Was The Night by Blind Willie Johnson aswell.

Rock has evolved so much since it began, how do you try to innovate the sound and what would you say your contribution is?

To be honest, in the past we’ve kept our sound uncomplicated and try to use songs and performances as the main driving force. In essence , every band from the last 5/6 decades have been using the same few instruments, so trying to push ourselves with the way we play and the parts we write has been as important as trying to find our individuality within the sounds.

I guess the way we use extra drums and percussion possibly help define ourselves the most. That extra rhythmic layer lets us take things to a different place that we couldn’t necessarily do with guitars alone, but theres still so much left to explore.

With so many icons in your genre, name three you admire the most?

Jack White. 

Neil Young

Bob Dylan

What can we expect in the future?

This year we have been working on a second album. We decided to take some time away from touring and have been experimenting to see how we can evolve in the studio rather than on the road. We’re probably about half way through recording so album will be out next year.

If you could be playing anywhere in the world in 12 months time, where would it be?


Craziest ‘rock’ moment so far?

We’re definitely more ‘Spinal Tap’ than ‘Supersonic’Unsigned Music Awards

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