While many may be familiar with the Brit Awards, Grammys and EMA’s there is a huge pool of talent that currently sits outside of the aforementioned nomination demographic.

The Unsigned Music Awards started in 2015 and casts it’s beam away from well known chart-toppers and firmly in the direction of unsigned artists. At GIGsoup we’ve always made a point of giving our readership an insight into the latest and greatest music from unsigned artists and it’s with this in mind that we’ve decided to talk to a few of the acts up for nomination at this years awards ceremony.

Today we’re concentrating on the ‘Best Female Solo Artist’ category and nominee Anna Pancaldi. Her brand new single ‘Keep On Keeping On’ dropped on October 2016, and all of her releases have now charted in the top ten of the iTunes singer songwriter charts (a 3rd EP will be released in March 2017). The artist also sold out all three of her London headline shows at Servant Jazz Quarters, St Pancras Old Church and now St Leonards Church.

Recently off tour in Europe supporting Jake Isaac, Anna just completed her first US tour playing NYC, Nashville and LA also performing live in CBS LA TV. 

How does it feel to be nominated?

It feels fantastic and very lovely to be recognised for where I have got to through my own hard work to this point. So thank you!! 

Unsigned Music Awards - GIGsoup to to 'Best Female Solo Artist' nominee Anna Pancaldi

Artwork : Leigh Tuckniss

Describe your style? What are you influences?

My style I would say is alternative singer songwriter. Some of my music is gutsy and the some is melodic, I love mixing both styles. The strongest influences of my life have been the things that have effected me most rather than anything else, it has defined me as who I am as an artist.

Do you prefer playing solo or in a band?

Well, for first time I had a band at my launch last week, I played a sold out show at St Leonard’s church to release my brand new single ‘Keep On Keeping On’ which was so so exciting! I had strings, piano and backing vocalists and it was magical, but both have their place. I love how there’s nothing to hide behind playing acoustically, but then the other instruments can make it soar too. I can’t choose! haha

Who are your top three solo female artists of all time?

Carol King, Judy Garland and Nina Simone. They really are a rarity, that kind of talent that cuts deep into your soul.

Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?

‘You’ve Got the Love’ Candi Staton. What power there is in those lyrics.

There has been a huge increase in record sales by solo female artists over the past 3 years. Why do you feel this is?

There has indeed, I’m not sure, sometimes I feel like there’s a difference in female voice that speaks to people,that just touches a deeper level and emotion. I’m not sure, only my thoughts on it. Whenever sales increase and the public shows increased support in the music business, it’s a wonderful thing!

Who would you nominate your category?

Ah that’s a cheeky question! haha… ummm if I have to give an answer, I really love Rothwell’s vocals, a gorgeous depth of tone there, fab indeed! But all are wonderful and feel privileged to be in the same category!

What can we expect in the future?

Well I have just returned from touring in the States, released my brand new single and will releasing the full EP early 2017 with a tour of the UK and Europe to follow! Lots of exciting things in the pipeline too that I can’t mention!

If you could be playing anywhere in the world in 12 months time, where would it be?

The Royal Albert Hall, that’s where I grafting towards, I put my all into this, so one step at a time I’m getting there!Unsigned Music Awards

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