It’s official. Quarter 1 is done! This year has gone so fast, my last memory was going out on New Year’s Eve with pang of sadness that 2015 was coming to an end, but an unrelenting feeling of hope for the coming twelve months. That feeling has been rewarded ten-fold due a slew of exquisite releases. Everyone here at GIGsoup decided we’d share with you some of the releases that we’ve not only liked, but loved!

13. Chris Storrow – The Ocean’s Door

BOOM! : Chris Storrow 'A True Christian'

What we said “Chris Storrow has made a record that balances neatly on the apex of sweet, cheesy and introspective. There’s just enough crooning, bell playing, gospel choir and handclaps to make the music interesting- and it’s always clean and tight. This is an album that will move people to sing along and pull broken hearts back off the ground”. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

12. Dilly Dally – Sore

Dilly Dally ‘Sore’ - ALBUM REVIEW

What we said “The mix of styles on ‘Sore’ shows the proficiency of the Canadian four-piece. The balance exerted throughout is gripping, with Katie Monks’ colossal vocals exhibited in every song, and the rest of the band battling and succeeding in providing the platform for the delivery of these vocals. It’s clear to see that this one of the best debut’s of 2015, and Dilly Dally are a band going places with venom and passion”. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

11. Jack Garrett – Phase

Jack Garrett - Daniel A Harris Photography

What we said “It’s perhaps these subaquatic sounds and Garratt’s penchant for them which provides the best comparison for ‘Phase’. Just like an ocean which looks all pleasant on top with its hopeful lyrics glistening on the surface keeping the hits buoyant, underneath are submerged, roiling currents which every now and then stir the surface, rippling towards something big. What we need Mr Garratt, is for you to smash that watery ceiling”

10. MXLX – Shredded // Communications Ceased


What we said “What music can’t Loveridge make? He’s done electronic glitch fests, meditative acoustic introspection and now metal, full of gutteral growls and searing riffs. However, despite these different genres one thing remains the same. Loveridge’s unrelenting desire to create and bear his soul. What else can we ask for?”

9. Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

Iggy Pop

What we said “Despite these more reflective moments, though, this album proves to be a very depraved swan-song for the 68-year-old; still obsessed with sex, excess and sticking two fingers up at corporate mediocrity. Pop belongs to a generation of musicians who have overcome rock’n’roll ego stereotyping by working together and creating brilliant enduring records. This collaboration has given the world something eternally valuable; a real Iggy Pop album”. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

8. La Sera – Music For Listening to Music

La Sera 'Music For Listening To Music To' - ALBUM REVIEW

What we said “Dreamy, with a faraway quality, often indecipherable, but so arresting your attention never wavers. La Sera have come a long way in five years, to the point where they can now be considered a great band. One of the most exciting things about this album, however, is that it doesn’t feel like the culmination of a journey, it feels like the start.” Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

7. Savages – Adore Life

Savages - Adore

What we Said “ The songs on ‘Adore Life’ are multi-dimensional and memorable. Love is the theme on an album packed full of rounded, coherent compositions.” Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

6. Suede – Night Thoughts

Suede 'Night Thoughts' - ALBUM REVIEW

What we said “Suede’s seventh album, ‘Night Thoughts’, charts a heartbreaking dream/nightmare of an attempt to cling on to a drifting relationship. All of the elements are here: the symphonic poetry, the lyrical grandeur and honesty, the guitar that forces you to climb the ladder of your own heart strings. Suede have found the romance in maturity and it’s a painful, glorious place to be.” Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

5. Hinds – Leave Me Alone

Image source -

What we said “Hinds live are a riot, charming and funny, but ‘Leave Me Alone’ has passionate moments and a raw emotional honesty that betrays their happy-go-lucky image. A tension between jokiness and poignancy defines this album”. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

4. Kendrick Lamar – Untitled Unmastered

Kendrick Lamar releases surprise free new album

What we said “Even though he didn’t know it when recording, Lamar’s message has changed from UU, and instead of a mature, perfected album we would expect of him, it documents his transition from party lifestyle, to the deeper and flawed outlook of fame, America and race.  It’s a crazy unorganised mess of music and beats, but the one thing that remains consistently inconsistent is Lamar’s message.  Despite the blemishes UU contains, the dots have been filled in and we can finally see the full picture, as Kendrick changed from a boy to a man.”

3. Basement – Promise Everything

Basement 'Promise Everything' - ALBUM REVIEW

What we said “As a rule, Basement have previously only dealt in the understated. This approach might have to change after the release of ‘Promise Everything’, as it’s an album that deserves yours and the whole scene’s attention. To ignore it would be criminal; we don’t need to hear them using the dreaded H-word again any time soon.” Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

2. The 1975 – You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of it

The 1975 mock themselves and critics in 'The Sound' video

What we said “The 1975 are making a statement. This is a new, colourful version of the band: out with the monochrome, and in with the pink. Sure, The 1975 are now mastering their indie pop art but they don’t want you to forget their sonically diverse roots; it’s too their credit that they haven’t either.” Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

1. David Bowie – Blackstar

David Bowie 'Blackstar' - ALBUM REVIEW

What we said “This uncomfortable future of immortality is a reality for Bowie. The artist will live on long after the man has died. One gets the impression, that whilst Bowie has control over his own myth, he is grabbing hold of his story and steering it exactly how he wants.

The overall effect of ‘Blackstar’ is thoroughly hazy and hypnotic. It is an opulent, deep and strange album. Bowie seems to be moving agitatedly forward. Always looking ahead: the point in which he has made his greatest music”. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

So there you have it. Our collective countdown of some of the most remarkable, visceral and heart-breaking albums released this year. If this carries on 2016 will end up being a very good vintage indeed!

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