You would have had to of lived under a rock for the past 50 years not to be aware of the influence Liverpool has had on the world music scene. With this in mind GIGsoup are more than happy to promote the wonderful “Merseyrail Sound Station Prize 2013” event. GIGsoup are all about new music and giving you the opportunity to experience artists that you usually may not stumble across in your local HMV.

Saturday 2nd November sees the culmination of 2013’s “Merseyrail Sound Station Prize”, after over 100 entries from emerging Merseyside musicians, 10 artists will play live at a free gig, with one artist chosen to win an invaluable head start in the music industry. The winning artist will work over 12 months with a team of music industry professionals, learning everything they need to know to best equip them for a long, successful career in the music industry.

Moorfields station will host the Merseyrail Sound Station Festival on 2nd November. The 10 artists will play live in the station from 1pm to 5pm. The finalists are …










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