Kendrick Lamar 'To Pimp A Butterfly' - ALBUM REVIEW
Kendrick Lamar 'To Pimp A Butterfly' - ALBUM REVIEW

Albums of the Year 2015 – Written by GIGsoup Staff Writers

So its official! 2015 is over. To celebrate the old year before we start to embrace the new one. Everyone here at Team GIGsoup decided to put our collective heads together and work out the best albums of the year. It was a pretty raucous time, friendships were soiled, alliances were quickly formed and dissolved and there was even a knife fight. Eventually we worked it out and the wounds have healed, apart from one poor writer who lost an eye, but now she looks pretty cool and always had an ambition to look like a pirate.

The albums contained here are the ones that meant something special to us and defined the year. Whether you agree with the list or not is down to you, but hopefully you’ll find something you missed or overlooked.

13.EL VY – ‘Return To The Moon’

EL VY 'Return To The Moon' - ALBUM REVIEW

There is a clear set of themes on the album including youth, young love and growing up in middle-America. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

12.Du Blonde – ‘Welcome Back To Milk’

Du Blonde

Sure there are a few Fiona Apple moments in here but Du Blonde goes at it with more grit. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

11.Wolf Alice – ‘My Love is Cool’

ALBUM REVIEW : Wolf Alice - 'My Love Is Cool'

‘My Love is Cool’ is a record overflowing with vim, vigour and vitality. It is propelled forward by the captivating presence of Rowsell, who has the ability to bottle the essence of growing up in strange and unpredictable 21st Century Britain and serve it up to the masses. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

10.New Order – Music Complete

New Order ‘Music Complete’ - ALBUM REVIEW

This title says it all.  It sums up what New Order have been doing in their twenty-five years of activity, but it also reveals a newfound creativity at the same time. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

9.Bring Me the Horizon – ‘That’s the Spirit’

Bring Me The Horizon 'That's The Spirit' - ALBUM REVIEW

‘That’s The Spirit’ possess an anthemic quality, with huge choruses that were obviously made with the inevitable packed-out arena tour in mind. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

8.The Maccabees – ‘Marks to Prove It’

The Maccabees share new single 'Marks To Prove It'

It is tempting to make comparisons between ‘Marks to Prove it’ and some other great albums in the same genre who have explored similar feelings and concepts. But it is probably best to leave it to stand up on its own. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

7.Parkway Drive – ‘Ire’

Parkway Drive - Vice Grip

Their main goal is no longer pursuing speed and brutality, but incorporating these themes within a well composed and melodic album that doesn’t lose an inch of its primal power. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

6.Grimes – ‘Art Angels’

Grimes 'Art Angels' - ALBUM REVIEW

Not many self-sufficient artists could create such a beautiful beast. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

5.Courtney Barnet – ‘Sometimes I Just Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit’

Courtney Barnett 'Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit' - ALBUM REVIEW

This entire album is an expression of pure talent and poetry. Will this be the launch pad for indie existentialism? Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

4.Sufjan Stevens – ‘Carrie & Lowell’

Sufjan Stevens

‘Carrie & Lowell’ has given Stevens the opportunity to reflect on the skeletons in his cupboard and come to terms with the death of his mother. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

3.Father John Misty – ‘I Love You Honeybear’

Father John Misty - I Love You Honeybear

They say there are a million ways to tell someone you love them and yet Josh Tillerman manages to accomplish this in a way that is dark, messy, somewhat twisted but oddly heartwarming.

2.Tame Impala – ‘Currents’

ALBUM REVIEW : Tame Impala - 'Currents'

On ‘Currents’ Parker finds himself succumbing to the blissfulness of not giving a f*** anymore. Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE

1.Kendrick Lamar – ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’

Kendrick Lamar 'To Pimp A Butterfly' - ALBUM REVIEW

“A societal narrative, it brings exposure to issues that are so often ignored and seldom tackled. This will be what crosses To Pimp A Butterfly into classic album territory and it will resonate and inspire scores of people who often feel ignored by institutional ineffectiveness.” Read the full GIGsoup LP review HERE