Young Waters talk ‘London Remixed Festival’ in exclusive GIGsoup interview

After winning the Bath Folk Festival New Shoots Competition in 2016 for their “Energetic, original … excellent stage presence and varied, enchanting material”, Young Waters have been making a name for themselves on the UK’s live music circuit with their neo-folk rhythms and delicate harmonies.  

This February the band are set to play London Remixed Festival, so we caught up with lead singer and guitarist, Theo Passingham to find out his thoughts on London’s music scene, what we can expect Young Waters forthcoming self-titled debut album, and why festival-goers should catch their performance.

How did you react to finding out you were on the London Remixed Festival lineup?

Excited! It’s a really great venue and a great lineup

What are your favourite venues in London?

Unfortunately, our favourite one has closed – No. 14 Bacon Street (what was the Vintage Emporium), just around the corner from RichMix. Also Passing Clouds, also closed. Apart from that, The Magic Garden Pub, Jamboree, Jam in a Jar are great little ones. The Union Chapel is probably my favourite big one!

What do you like most about London and its music scene?

It’s incredibly varied, and I suppose due to the quite difficult costs of rent it requires you to really excel at your craft to do well, which means there are a lot of incredibly hard-working musicians. I’m slightly concerned that the impossible rent prices mean that more and more musicians won’t bother going to London anymore, which breaks a very long tradition of artists and trade folk coming to London to hone their craft. It’s a shame! 

Your sound has been called ‘neo-folk’, but how would you describe your music? 

Something like that, I try not to think about it too much for fear of repeating myself musically.

You won the Bath Folk Festival New Shoots Competition in 2016, what impact has this had on your music career so far?

It has helped us hugely, apart from being able to record our album at Real World Studios, it has gained us a lot of recognition and definitely has helped us get some bigger gigs.

Your fans raised £4,000 to help you mix and produce your up and coming record, what crowdfunding success tips do you have for new bands on low budgets? 

Be yourself. We didn’t do anything that felt fake, or showy, we were just ourselves and I think our friends/fans appreciated that.

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London Remixed Festival is hosted in Shoreditch – a hotbed for creativity and innovation. How do you keep your sound fresh?

Stepping out of routine or comfort zones is really important. Anything from learning a new instrument or reading something you wouldn’t usually read, or trying to write from the perspective of someone else. 

Why should festival goers catch your performance at the London Remixed Festival?

For people that have seen us before we’ve been working on new material, for those that haven’t, hopefully, they’ll love it too.

Who are you looking forward to seeing most in the lineup?

The Ben Somers Stringband! I’ve never seen them before but they look great. 

Your debut album is out in spring 2018, what can we expect to hear?

Our songs, recorded in a really beautiful studio with amazing equipment and a great engineer. Also, a couple of tracks recorded in a lovely sounding church. It was all recorded live so it doesn’t feel over-produced, we’re really chuffed with it!