AJ, Chess, Tara and Tim are The Wandering Hearts. You will have seen them at C2C and British Summer Time in 2017 and GIGsoup were fortunate enough to catch up with them at this years Country Music Week festivities.

You are supporting the much-loved Marty Stuart as part of Country Music Week. How did that come about?

It stemmed from us playing the C2C festival earlier in the year. It was a massive thing for us at that stage. As it happened, the audience were wonderful and have continued to be very supportive. Marty was playing the same day. Looking back, we were stood in the main O2 arena, watching him. It was such an awesome moment. He was our highlight and now we’re supporting him.

How did you get together?

Myself (Tim) and Tara met a gig, we were performing separately. We got chatting about the music we loved and there were a lot of cross-overs. We got introduced to Chess and AJ through mutual friends, they were almost forcing us together, saying you really should meet. So, that’s what we did. We got together, tried out some material and that was it. From the first rehearsal we thought, whatever that was, let’s do it again. It was incredible. We looked at each other and thought, this works. Strangers coming together and singing in a way that it felt like we’d been singing for years together.

So what were the musical passions that you all shared?

The Shires. Chris Stapleton is a huge influence and united us. Also bands like First Aid Kit were a massive influence and Jack Savoretti. Tara and Chess grew up singing with their sisters and when we got together and started singing, everyone kind of found their place. There was no conversation needed. From there we started to talk about the things we listened to when we were growing up, Fleetwood Mac, Simon and Garfunkel, basically anything harmony laden.

Why did you choose to join the Decca family of artists?

It sounds like one of those destiny stories, but we had been rehearsing at Tim’s and had just recorded a song. We uploaded it onto Soundcloud. We put a hash tag – #UK Country. Within thirty minutes this mysterious guy Steve got in touch saying he’d stumbled across our song, liked what he heard and said it would be good to meet.  So, we did. It turned out he was pretty awesome, he was better than his profile pic and had tonnes of experience. He made introductions for us and before we knew it we were signed. The whirlwind continues.

How was filming the video for your current single ‘Devil’

It felt like we were in the Wild West. It was a real town, it wasn’t a set. You could walk into the bank. The highlight was AJ walking round like a living cowboy. He grew up watching spaghetti westerns with his dad. It was fantastic.

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You also have a new album coming out early next year. What was on your hearts when went into the studio?

From the start, we really just wanted to capture how we are live, that energy and feel on record. We wanted raw truth, to not sound over produced. It was a massive learning curve for all of us as a band and as individuals. We were really lucky to work with Peter Hammerton from the start. He really gets us and we had his support. It’s been organic and fairly straight forward.

If a song is in a good place it shouldn’t be a long process. We didn’t have the luxury of writing in the studio, but we had fifty songs which we narrowed down to twelve. We love the writing process as much as the recording and wanted to be proud of what we’d done. We want to tell a story but tell a truth whilst we do it.

Quick fire questions:

Tea or coffee: Coffee, tea, coffee, tonic!

TV or radio: Radio, TV, radio, radio.

Trees or flowers; Flowers, trees, flowers, flowers


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