After 20 years, Jepson is back, and back with impact. Live music at its best, performed by season pro’s and men of Rock.

The Wayward Sons are a collaboration of Toby Jepson (Guitar/Vocals; Little Angels, Fastway, Gun and Dio’s Disciples), Sam Wood (Guitar; Treason Kings), Nic Wastell (Bass; Chrome Molly), Phil Martini (Drums; Spear Of Destiny, ex Quireboys, Joe Elliot’s Down and Outs) and Dave Kemp (Keys; long time wingman to Toby). All have a solid background in the genre of Rock and experience as a collective is in mass abundance. All band members are long standing friends of Toby’s but not all of them know each other as well as he, which makes the togetherness of this band unique.

A pre-gig meeting, as spirits and band morals run high, helps to get a tangible sense of what a bands all about as they prepare to set the stage alight.

Toby, frontman and all-round top bloke, heads up the interview with detail and enthusiasm behind the bands creation. You could say that the gods of Rock wanted this, and made it so, making Toby their leader of the unruly.

Speaking with the electric frontman, it’s apparent straight away that he’s intensely passionate about music and really wants to channel fresh and new ideas, steering away from old traits and creating new exciting LIVE ventures, pushing aside the stream nation and internet warriors.

Toby, after awesome success with Little Angels (1984-1994) has been busy working and performing with the likes of Scottish Rock Band, Gun and Dio’s Disciples while also producing albums for bands such as the Virginmarys, Toseland and more. But, it’s very clear that he needs to be on stage and is passionate about having the chance to embrace what will be, and in his own words, “my last band” before hanging up the Gibson Flying V.

After a call from Frontiers Music and a chance to get back playing live, Toby wasted no time in creating the Wayward Sons, a band formed to play live, classic Rock.

His four handpicked fellows are clearly on board with Toby’s ideas and musical ethos, and he undoubtedly respects their ideas and notions in return. This makes for a tight-knit, ‘rock-hard’ band understanding, which in turn helps creation flow with ease, apparent when asked the question How does you’re creation process work, how long does it take”…..

Toby: We’d never met before as a collective so we got together at Real World Studios near Bath in a sink or swim situation, but ending up writing seven songs in about three days, and all of those are on the album

Phil, added:There was a great feel from the get go and the music just came together very naturally and just worked for us, everything felt right

Toby’s view on the processes of making it in a band are “similar to early years, just a different delivery system. I remember back in the LA days that we had to borrow for petrol to play at some hole in West Yorkshire. You struggle at first, but with backing and a sound financial grounding, you can succeed.” This is why when Frontiers came calling, Toby took the offer knowing he had the full backing and support so vital to the process.

In total, and in a relatively short space of time, the band have written 26 songs and released a doubt album, “Ghost of Yet to Come”.

When asked about “the meaning behind the debut album title”, it was told that the album has a very stout political interpretation. Not as politically in your face as the self titled debut album by Rage Against the Machine, but a less direct and more intelligent broadcast of everyday views. Clever lyrics and catchy riffs, rather then a punch in the face and a kick up the arse as Zach De La Rocha and co would’ve delivered back in 1991.

Toby explained:its a presentation of the bad things that could come from the idiots at the top who have power in epic proportions but act like children. A potion of blame must go to the internet that feeds society with fake news and other rubbish

Its easy to see the strength of his views, however, just don’t mention Nigel!

Their album isn’t just musical pleasing; the artwork has some impact too and is a branding masterpiece by the band. When asked about the artwork he replied:

the artwork was created by a guy called Stuart Dilly, and he’s the main designer for Alchemy, a Leicester jewellery shop, and he did some work for Little Angels back in the day

My ideas were centred around the taking of liberty and how where succumb to the madness and greed of society

I sent him the ideas and he contacted me and totally understood what I wanted, saying, “yeah man its like beat poetry”. However, we couldn’t do my original idea due to the controversy it would cause, so we looked at it again and based it on my collection of 50’s reproduction comics like Amazing Stories and Wired Tales, all zombies and ghost”.

the result was perfect, a very pleasing outcome, and close to what I wanted originally

The Wayward Sons are currently on tour with Inglorious and were due to play only their ninth live performance Sunday evening. Number nine was to be played at The Brook, Southampton and it didn’t take long to get the place pulsating.

The band, met by a raucous crowd ovation, graced the stage in enigmatic style as if they’d been a band for years. Opening their set was the albums leading track “Alive” which, as it does on the album, kicked the place up a gear and pulled you into their Wayward World.

The live version of this band is almost a carbon copy of the recorded in terms of tones and pitches, with Toby’s voice transferring to a live stage without any range loss. His Rock scream, a cry for the horns, is something straight out of the late 80’s, perfectly complemented by the talents of his counterparts.

Toby lords the stage with energy and velocity instantly getting the crowd interacting with the band. His wing men, Nick (Bass) and Sam (Guitar) both get right into the performance along with their frontman, making for exhilarating viewing. Nick waves his Bass around like a battlefield axe and Sam head bangs his blonde locks and strums the Guitar with ease and vitality. Dave and Phil out of view, but ever present in the song, with Phil beating out some kick ass drums.

The energy and passion thrown into this gig, just confirms that these were meant to be and are surely destined to go far. The crowd loved it, all throwing around the horns and baying to the exhausted but content Wayward Sons…..fair prise for such an epic display.

2018 is going to be a busy on for the Wayward Sons as they will be in high demand, a headling tour on the cards and many festivals are calling. However, 2017 isn’t over yet as after the tour they’ll be performing at the Hard Rock Hell Festival in North Wales 9th – 12th November.

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