Verite talks chips, porridge and the stress of writing a hit album

Verite is a New York based singer-songwriter. She’s a streaming sensation – over 250 Million + streams across all platforms and counting. Verite has also built up a loyal live following on both sides of the Atlantic and played at festivals such as Lollapalooza.  We caught up with Verite when she recently played at The Lexington in London.

How are you feeling about the show?

Tonight is going to be fun. It’s interesting to be doing acoustic versions of these songs.  It’s much more one on one and quite casual.  It feels more personal and I’m excited to share the songs in that way.

You’re on tour with Wrabel. What have been the highlights?

I feel like it’s gone so quick. For, me, traveling in Europe, it’s the breakfasts.  You just do tea, coffee and porridge so much better.  I’m grateful for that, keeps me going and happy. 

The album ‘New Skin’ did really well. What are your memories of make that collection of songs?

Stress, anxiety!! The album as a whole took a while to make. It was the first time I didn’t have a bunch of songs ready to go, so I kind of started from scratch. It was a little intimidating. The first year of writing that record, I just wrote horrible music. Slowly but surely, I had to write all of that out to get to the songs I really feel in love with.

The process took longer than I wanted it to, but in the end, we landed on something that felt mine and that I can honestly say that I’m really happy with how it came out and the story that it tells.  It’s meant to be immersive. You put on headphones and you can get lost in the record for a minute and you can get lost in the cycle that is the record.

What was the fun part of making the record despite the epic journey?

I spent a lot more time producing on this record – a lot more time being hands on in the studio. That was exciting and an empowering aspect of it. It felt really creative and I was really at home with the collaborators on the record. It was those moments when the stress and anxiety of ‘we’re never gonna get this’ –  then production clicks or a lyric clicks and you get that something that you’ve been trying to get to for so long, it’s those moments. ‘Amnesia’ was one of those songs.  Working it, re-working it, and finally, when we hit the bridge, it was oh, we can exhale. We know we’ve done it.

Five things you love about the UK would include

  • Chips
  • Porridge
  • The tube – love public transport – it’s the New Yorker in me
  • I love being able to walk (Autonomy in your movement is so important to me. London, second to New York is where I feel that)
  • I quite like the weather is nice. It’s never too cold. The rain is nice. You can get cosy

You will have a new album out later this year. Can you tell us about your approach to writing this time round?

It’s similar, but different. I think that when you’re writing specifically for a record you are confining yourself to certain role, because you want cohesion. I’m excited to create music without worrying about where it has to fit – the idea that I can branch off in these different directions and experiment, then let people in on that that process of experimentation and let people hear. Just giving people the whole scope of what the writing process looks like, without having to worry.

So what would you typical writing day look like?

If I’m writing with other people, or by myself, it’s a similar thing. I’ll wake up, around 7.30. I’ll work out. Then I’ll answer emails and eat breakfast. Then I go to the studio and work. Sometimes if I’m writing randomly the day might be shorter. If I’m writing and bringing my idea into a specific session, then it might be a little bit longer. Depends what kind of day it is. Then I leave and drop it for the day, try to get some perspective. Maybe I’ll go home and cook or go to a movie. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would you love to go?

I would love to go to Greece, in the summer, see the coastal mountains. I feel like you get the water, then you also get culture. There’s a very specific vibe – laid back.  I would also like to go to Croatia.

What is your hope for the new decade?

My main hope is to continue to find meaning in what I do. I think it’s interesting and I am ambitious. There’s so much I want to do and accomplish. But, I think there is so much more. I think what’s even more important than the external is the internal, so I pray on a daily basis. I ask myself am I finding meaning in what I’m doing, creating community and influencing others in a positive way. So it’s continuing that. Ultimately, at the end of this decade, if I feel that I’ve accomplished that, I’ll feel happier than if I have just an apartment with a chandelier! Ok, a big loft apartment!

Quick fire questions.

If you had to choose would you pick ….

Style or grace – Grace, but, I would never give up style

Lyric or melody – Melody

Beetroot or carrot – Carrot

Central Park or central perk – Central Park

Monica or Chandler – Monica