Vagabond Spectre – Exclusive GIGsoup interview

With a versatile sound (think Tame Impala, Black Keys, The Strokes) Vagabond Specter have recently released Not My War and are gearing up to release their forthcoming Bipolar album in 2019. They have toured across their native Ukraine with great reviews on their live shows, we decided to learn more about Vagabond Specter and speak with Pablo from the band about dream tours, the new album and upcoming plans…

Hey Vagabond Specter, first things first, how are you?

So far, so good!

Vagabond Specter is the brainchild of Pablo and Yuriy, how did you come up with the name, is there a meaning behind it?

We were drunk and having fun by spelling out all kind of weird sounding names for the band. One of us came up with Vagabond Specter and we liked the sound of it. In other words, this means “wandering ghost”, and this mental image somehow resonated with how we felt then.

Who are the other members in the band and what’s their role?

Egor Gavrilenko on the base, and Alex Okremov on drums. They bring the groove.

Talk to us about your latest release Not My War, what is the meaning behind the single?

I was feeling kinda depressed because a certain phase in my life has come to an end, but on the other hand, this made me feel liberated, it gave me a chance to grow further. We wrote the music draft first. While listening to the draft I tried to verbalize my feelings, and this gave birth to the lyrics.

You have toured a lot in Ukraine, what has been your favorite moment from touring?

One of such moments was at Respublica Fest. The crowd was amazing, but the weather was not, we were afraid that the rain will start any minute during our concert.

We played the whole without a single drop, and at the exact moment when we played the very last and very loud chord of our last song (it was Chasing, I think), a clap of thunder rumbled and a hard pouring rain started to fall with lightning. It looked like some kind of a sign, felt a little spooky.

Where would be your dream place to tour?

We have the most fun at the festivals, so I’d say a sequence of summer music festivals in the UK and Europe would be the best.

If I had to choose one country it would definitely be the United Kingdom.

Who would you love to tour with?

Oh, I could fantasize a lot about that! I think my top three would be Wolf Parade, The National, The Strokes.

You have an upcoming album, Bipolar, what kind of sounds can we expect to hear?

I’d say it’s quite versatile and very different from our first LP and EP.  We had plenty of time to experimented in both studios in Ukraine and France, playing with tons of synthesizers, recording different layers of vocals and other instruments, until we were quite happy with the result, happy enough to put it on the album.

When writing the album, what influences do you draw upon?

We listen to a huge amount of music all the time, so I think that there are many bands that influence our music. Among my biggest influencers during this album were Wolf Parade, Beck, Shout Out Louds, Tame Impala, Secret Machines, The National.

Have you got a release date in mind?

Not yet, but it’s 2019, definitely.

You worked with Joe Chiccarelli on the album, what was that experience like?

One of the best experiences in my life!

Joe is absolutely passionate about his work, and he gave us many brilliant ideas that we implemented in the songs.

It was incredibly inspiring to work with a guy behind the records of dozens of my favorite bands, including The Strokes, Broken Social Scene and others.

More than that, we were recording at La Fabrique studio in Provence, were Radiohead recorded one of their best albums (in my humble opinion), so we always felt the presence of something majestic in the air.

What can we expect from Vagabond Specter for the rest of 2019?

The release of our album Bipolar, at least, and, who knows, maybe something more.

You can find Vagabond Spectre on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.