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TRNSMT ‘In Their Own Words’ – Clean Cut Kid

There are no other bands quite like Clean Cut Kid right now. They put a fuzzy filter over infectious pop tracks, then add in gorgeous harmonies and improvised sounds. The whole band put everything into their music, and their passion shines through unwaveringly. They take music very seriously, but not life in general. Fun is in everything they do, and their live shows are not to be missed.

GIGsoup chatted to joint vocalist and keyboard player Evelyn Halls about her previous festival experiences, trying Buckfast for the first time and handing out fruit at shows…

How are you feeling about playing the first ever TRNSMT festival?

Yeah, just made up. I mean, the line-up’s amazing. A guy came down to the gig in Glasgow and he brought a load of flyers with him to show us the line-up and I couldn’t believe it, it’s amazing. 

Who are you most excited to see playing over the weekend?

We’re on the same day as Biffy Clyro so I’m looking forward to seeing them and I’m going to try and catch The 1975. I’ll be trying to catch Blossoms too because I’ve never actually seen them live, but we know them because we have mutual friends so we’re always hearing about what’s going on with them.

What’s the best Glasgow venue you’ve played in?

I really, really like Nice N Sleazy – I really enjoyed that one. It was our first ever headline up in Glasgow and every time we play for the first time in a city and it’s packed and the crowd are going nuts, you remember it forever.

That was one of the ones where we got there and we didn’t know what to expect. We knew it had sold out but we didn’t know if the crowd would be up for it or anything, but they were just insane, like, crazy. It was so much fun and we actually made some mates from the crowd who then came back to our gig this time and it was just really nice to see them again.

Did you get to party there afterwards?

Yeah, that bar specialises in White Russians and that’s Mike’s favourite drink so we stayed there and got introduced to Buckfast. I loved it but was slightly scared by the fact that I loved it. You might see me sitting on a street corner drinking it soon! 

Which is your favourite track to play live?

I really, really like playing ‘Felt’ because there’s that bit at the end where it goes in double time and it’s so much fun when it kicks in. Then the crowd start moving, it’s just so much fun, I love it.

And there’s this little guitar line that Mike plays in the chorus and then with my chords and stuff I just get dead emotional when I hear it, it’s like that kind of happy-sad.

What was the first festival you went to as a punter?

The first ever festival I went to was Leeds. I think I’d just turned 18 and I’d been begging my mum to let me go to a festival and she was like, ‘you can go when you’re 18.’ My whole family went on holiday and I was like, ‘I’m defecting from the holiday and going to this festival instead’ so I didn’t go and it ended up being the best family holiday ever and I ended up having the worst time at Leeds!

I just didn’t enjoy it. It was cool but it was just mad. Because it’s so big and the camping area is crazy, and everyone just goes absolutely nuts. I needed like 5 minutes of peace but I didn’t get it and I was like, ‘oh my gosh I need to get home!’ – maybe I’m just not hardcore enough. 

Tell us something people may not know about you?

That’s hard, we just tell people everything! We all went to the same uni but at different times and didn’t know each other. So me, Mike, Ross, our two managers and the guy who basically produced half the album, we all were at uni back in about 2008 but didn’t know each other. Then two years later we all came together and the band ended up coming together in a really mad way.

It’s cool that we all look back now like, ‘oh my gosh, we passed each other in the hallways all the time or probably sat next to each other in the canteen and stuff but never actually knew each other, and now we’re all in a band.’

Why should people go see you at TRNSMT?

Because we are very good live! (laughs) I think we’re best seen live and we pride ourselves on putting so, so much time into the live show. We really buckle down and rehearse, and we don’t use any backing tracks or anything like that. Everything you hear is live. We don’t do things by halves so if you want you should come see it.

Also, you’ve got to come and see Saul on stage because, honestly, it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. He literally bounces up and down like he’s got springs in his shoes or something. Sometimes he goes into the crowd and he used to give people fruit, but I don’t know if he does that anymore. Yeah, he’s weird but he’s wonderful as well, so come to see him. He’s like our bearded lady from a circus or something.

Clean Cut Kid play the King Tut’s stage at TRNSMT on Sunday 8th July. Tickets are available now.

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