Touts – Exclusive GIGsoup interview

Having just released their debut EP ‘Sickening & Deplorable’, punk rockers Touts are preparing for the summer of their lives filled with some huge tour dates and festivals. The Irish trio are in the midst of something truly great, bringing back that 70’s punk movement while keeping a fresh, enticing sound that is unique to them. With support slots with Blossoms and Kasabian’s this summer it’s no surprise that they’re proving to be one of the rising bands of 2017.

Describing themselves as “a singer that can’t sing, a mod that can’t play bass and a drummer that can’t see” really sets the tone for this band. They create what they want, how they want, and the outcome is something truly remarkable. GIGSoup’s Tara Atkinson caught up with the lads talking the new EP, Derry City and artificial penises.. yeah you heard us right!

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Congratulations on your debut EP! How does it feel to release it into the world?

Cheers. Been waiting for a while to get the tunes out, so it feels good to know that people are acknowledging them.

Can you give us an insight into the development of the EP and how the brilliant title ‘Sickening & Deplorable’ came about?

The actions that led us to the name Sickening and Deplorable may or may not be illegal and thus we have no comment. Take from that what you will.

Do you have any memorable moments from the studio?

The producer catching Matthew slashing in the sink because a certain somebody boked who was still drunk from the night before in the toilet.

Hailing from Derry in Ireland, what’s your favourite thing about home?

The sesh, Derry city football club and everyone’s a mad cunt.

Tell us a bit about Touts, when did you begin to get interested in music and how did you meet?

Whenever Matthew got guitar hero 3 he became interested in music. We met at Derry City matches and we always knew Luke due his position as vice chairperson of the Londonderry Wing of the MOD movement.

Your latest single ‘Political People’ is also out now, do you think it’s important for bands to use their platforms to speak about politics?

Aye if you have something to say and the platform to say it then you should say it, simple as that.

Who will you be voting for this week?

Put it this way, we won’t be voting for the Tories.

You’ve also just released the video for the track, does it sum up what we can expect from a Touts live show?

Aye and naw, because ye don’t know what the fuck could happen. Though be aware that it is not unusual to be struck by an artificial penis.

You have a huge summer ahead of you, including support slots with Blossoms and Kasabian, as well as some headline shows and festivals. Which are you most excited for?

Blossoms because they’re sound and we missed our last Manchester show and Kasabian because a lot of our muckers are going and we’ve a hotel room booked.

Punk rock is certainly on its way back into the mainstream and you are one of the bands at the forefront of it all, who are some of your main influences?

As a band probably The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers and The Dubliner.

What else can we expect from you over the next few months?

“Writing, writing, writing” according to our management. But according to us, fuck knows, but you’ll hear us before you see us.

Sickening & Deplorable is available to buy and stream here: