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GIGsoup recently had the opportunity to talk to acoustic duo This Wild Life after their sold-out headline show at The Joiners in Southampton. The band comprises of Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso.

It’s so good to be back at The Joiners,” Kevin starts. “It was our third time back in Southampton and our first time selling it out. Felt like a small victory and the energy and vibe in the room was our best yet.” With sunflowers adorning the microphone stands and standing tall along the front of the stage, the band have created an atmosphere that mirrors the imagery presented in their latest record, ‘Petaluma.’ Their tour around the UK, alongside William Ryan Key, serves as a precursor for the Petaluma Tour in April around the United States with support from pop-punk bands Sleep On It and Crooked Teeth.

“The best part of headlining is being able to curate a longer setlist and bring along creative production,” Kevin explains. “That’s something I’ve really taken pride in over the last few years, creating a light show that’s appropriate to our sound (No strobe lights, C02 cans, pyro, etc) and working in physical stage props. On top of that we are huge food junkies, so we love hitting the different areas of the US and filling our bodies with garbage.”

Their latest album, ‘Petaluma’ was released in June of 2018. “Petaluma was the first album we made having a clear distinct vision of what we wanted the record to sound like from inception. We had album artwork and the entire feel of the record in mind before the first song was completed. It’s our first record without any digital instrumentation. It’s completely organic and warm as opposed to our last record that was very much electronically inspired acoustic music.” This Wild Life’s previous record, ‘Low Tides’ was released back in 2016. “Low Tides was a much darker record, less high belting vocals, brooding tempos, and electronic arrangements on a lot of the tracks along with the acoustic guitars. Petaluma turned that concept completely on it’s head with the high energy and warm summer time sing-alongs.”

‘Petaluma’ was recorded with Ryan Hadlock, best known for his production on The Lumineer’s platinum-selling album, ‘The Lumineers.’ “The recording process was incredible. The studio is called Bear Creek located up in Washington State. It’s a beautiful facility built from an old barn on a huge farm, the history and feeling of that place is something else.”

Until their next tour in April, the guys have travelled back home. “It feels like the right time to start diving into writing. We have one single to be released later this year along with more music videos and most likely more touring.”

“It should be a great year for This Wild Life.”