The Magnettes – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Northern Swedish pop outfit The Magnettes, consisting of front duo Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla and producer Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström, are back with their new disco/punk-single-  ”Shakes (Falling in Love)” out now via Digsin –  where 80’s drums meet angsty guitars and opera choruses. The band are so in demand touring what they call “21st Century F**k Pop” – their feet barely touch the ground. We managed to catch them in a rare and serious moment and find out more about how they got together as a trio…

You met as children at school –  How did you go from being childhood friends to members of a band? Has your friendship changed over the years?

Up in our small town of Pajala, there were not a lot of people our age who played music. So we naturally found each other and playing music together made us go from like classmates/good pals to BFFs. We met Tomas when we were like 15 and when we started writing songs together we became what The Magnettes is today. 

You go through things that you don’t share with your other friends and that makes us very close. We’ve felt very lucky that we got to do this together, people who go through touring and being an artist all alone must be so much harder?! We get to do all this weird shit together like sleeping in a trailer in the middle of the Canadian woods and playing in Germany in front of three people. So you get to support each other and laugh about things that happen to you. 

You’re famously quite funny and kitsch in both your music and your interviews – is that really who you are or is it something you create for fun?

First of all, thank you very much, it’s all we ever wanted to be famously know for. But to be honest all our interview answers are computer generated to make us look appealing and cool to the youths of today and contemporary media outlets. We have given up to the fact that we are getting older and we cannot keep up with the kids and their cool memes. But quite honestly, either way, when are you NOT editing yourself, portraying or reinventing yourself in different ways? Of course it’s a construct in some way, just like everyone’s private personality is a mix of impulses and influences, how you were born and raised and who you choose to be. As a band, we’ll probably act kitschier than at home, and an interview is just a quick slice of it, our off-the-cuff thoughts on a given day, and depending on our mood and the questions we’ll give an in-depth nerdy answer or a snarky bullshit answer or just some in-joke to see if we get away with it. So hey, you got the nerdy AND the bullshit answer at once. 

Are you thinking about recording another album?

We are recording right now and we have A LOT of songs. We feel like we are starting to see what the album is. What we’re trying to say and what is keeping it together. The problem is that we mostly want to produce it ourselves so it takes a shitload of time when you can’t outsource the boring parts, editing and programming hihats and stuff. So we’re not just thinking about it, we are doing it, and it’ll be done any decade now. 

How do you go about writing songs for an album?

We like albums that have a very distinct start and finish. Like there is a thought process through the whole thing. So when we start writing we usually have a subtle, kind of dumb overarching theme of what we want to say with the songs as a collective. Like our first album “Ugly Youth” was like a teen movie and we think this next one might be more like an action movie. But sometimes that just happens by accident and when you have all the songs you can tell what the album is really about like “OH, turns out we are depressed” or whatever. 

Thanks for chatting to us. Your relationship as friends and as a band works brilliantly – long may that continue…!

F**k yeah!