Take No Prisoners - GIGsoup Exclusive Interview. Photo credit to Mike Terpstra

Take No Prisoners – GIGsoup Exclusive Interview

Take No Prisoners’ music ruptures speakers – erupting with vehemence and creating a melodic hardcore sound. They are a stunning mixture of Hotel Books and La Dispute. Could this be the beginning of some incredible new music?

“Take No Prisoners delivers raw emotional hardcore with a positive undertone, writing songs mainly driven by personal stories of the five band members and is not shy to touch heavy topics .”

The truculent instrumentals play whilst vocalist T.J delivers unhinged, manic vocals. At the same time, backing is provided by lead guitarist Wesley and drummer Gido. Delivering a harsh, hardcore sound, Take No Prisoners certainly have masses of potential. GIGsoup spoke to the band about their music and influences…

How did Take No Prisoners form?

TJ: Around the beginning of this year, me and Wesley talked about starting a band in the post hardcore/melodic hardcore direction. I knew Max from previous bands so we just decided to to say, “ah! we’re gonna start a band now.” We only needed a drummer and a second guitar player, so then Gido came into play, and Jim, and yeah thats how we formed.

What inspires you to make music?

TJ: Personal stories, personal experiences I think. We all have our problems and struggles, we all experience things in life but I just wanna tell it my way. (Like) how I (get) over (things), how I defeated my fears and everything, and I think the other guys can relate to that too. I think everyone can.

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Who are your biggest musical influences?

Gido: La Dispute for sure.

Jim: Yeah La Dispute.

Wesley: The Feeder!

Jim: It’s kind of funny, today I calculated how much I listened to La Dispute and when I counted them and got the total it was like four months of my life just listening to La Dispute.

TJ: My main influence is I think Have Heart. its a band from Boston. They mke music that means a lot, and that was what I really needed in my life when I was going through a tough time. They just inspired me, they made loud/hardcore music but it wasn’t the macho stuff, they were real and honest.

What kind of message do you want to send to the people who listen to your music?

TJ: I think that you can get positivity from everything in life, you can turn your pain into positivity and passion. You can stand up for others who are struggling too, you shouldn’t be thinking about yourself all the time- we’re in this together, and thats the way we think I guess, that we can do it all together.

Jim: What I would like to say is, if your heart spills out black stuff, use it to paint.

What are Take No Prisoner’s hopes/plans for the future?

TJ: We all just want to to bring our music to people we can reach, 

travel to as many places as we can so people can see us in real life. We can talk to them, tell them why we do this and why we’re in this, and that’s most important to us I think. We want to play big festivals of course but it doesnt matter as long as people know what we do and why we do it and what it means to us. Hopefully, that can mean something to them too.

Who do you think your main audience is/would be?

Jim: We have like the hardcore kids, but we also have the people who don’t normally listen to that type of music but they come to the show and even though its not their music they will get the message. After the show some of them came to us and said “you know this isnt my kind of music but I really like it purely because of the message you put out and the energy you guys have.”

TJ: We overcame the barrier of thinking we should play for hardcore kids and kids that are already familiar with this type of s***. We just wanted to have a good time and hear people scream what they wanted, but then we realised after our first show everyone can like it because we just put our hearts in it and everyone can relate to it. Maybe they feel it, maybe they don’t, but we give it everything every night. We’re out there and our audience is wide. Whether you like hardcore punk, whether you’re a metal head, whether you’re a young kid who started listening to Black Veil Brides, whatever, it doesnt really matter. Whether you like jazz, we just wanna bring it to you and our audience is just really wide. Everyone can be a fan.

Editors note: You can find their music and images on their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/takenoprisonershc/?fref=ts

This Take No Prisoners article was written by Fox Kitsune Atkins, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson. Photo credit to Mike Terpstra