Take Five: The Strumbellas

The Strumbellas energetic, thoughtful musical offerings have gained them a loyal fan base around the world. They have a Juno award and play major festivals such as Bonnaroo. We had fun talking with Simon and Dave from the band when they were in London.

Welcome back hope you are well. Thanks for taking time to speak to us today.

Let’s go back to the start, how did the band begin?  

It was about nine years ago, on a whim, I (Simon) put a song out on Craigslist. It was just to see if anyone wanted to jam. Sure enough, Dave was the first person at the door. It just sky-rolled from there. We started jamming and the next thing you know were in London, on our fourth album.

What’s the story behind the latest single ‘Salvation’

‘Salvation’ is a song that actually predates the band’s first album. Parts of it are from years and years ago. We were excited at the time, but just couldn’t crack it. We tried a few years later, again couldn’t quite get it. It then came up at the recording of the new album, and, we finally put it together.  The moment that we cracked it was when we figured out that the piece that we had would work as a chorus, it clicked. It’s exciting to get it out the door.

As for the overall message behind the song, we like our listeners to be able to fit the song into their life. The song can mean whatever it needs to me for them.

Five things you should do in Toronto might include ……..

Go to Kensington Market for some vintage clothes shopping

Go get a Poutine

Go up the CN Tower, go all the way to the top and you can get ice-cream for the journey.

Go to the Rogers Centre (formerly the Sky Dome) It’s one of the few stadiums with a retractable roof

Go to Queen West Street, one of the best shopping districts in the world.

You will embark on a US tour in May, what was the best piece of advice you were given about being on the road.

The best bit of advice was from our Tour Manager – it was bring a laundry bag. So now I separate out my laundry and it’s changed my life.  It is amazing what difference an organised bag can make, whether it’s using packing cubes or getting the right suitcase, take the extra time.  

What feedback have you had about the new album ‘Rattlesnake’

Simon- Overall, very positive. But friends are cautious, I’m sensitive. One friend said, ’It’s a great album, is it a Royal Blood album?’ I just lost it!!

It’s funny, as we speak, my kids just sent me their own video to ‘Salvation’ My sister posted it online and it’s hilarious. My son misses me when I’m away, so he makes these videos and sends them to me.  

Dave- I played it for my wife, she loved it – we are her favourite band. Now that we’re together, she hates all other bands!!

Quick Fire Questions:

Grace or favourGrace

Pancakes or wafflesI wake most mornings with this question in my head! Waffles, they’re crispy and have nooks and crannies for the syrup and butter

Train or PlaneTrain and plane

Clouds or Coral Coral   

Bryan Adams or Bryan CranstonBryan Adams, but we love Breaking Bad!