Take 5: Yes We Mystic

At a time when content is a constant gushing river, only the truest and purest art will find a way to float to the surface. The kind of art that is undeniably emotional, ingenious in its execution and endlessly energetic in its existence. The kind of art that is loud in its motivation and subtle in its truths. The kind of art Yes We Mystic create.

With their new album “Ten Seated Figures” Yes We Mystic succeeded in exceeding their previous excess, creating something bigger than anything they’ve done before. Voices and instruments blend together, creating a swath of sound so dense and so complex that its origin can’t be placed. Now the band are touring their unique musical in UK in May 2019 for a series of tour and festival dates. (see below for details if remaining dates). There’s a lot going on with this band. Time for a Take 5 with vocalist and guitarist Adam Fuhr……

When did you realise that you wanted to do what you do? What or who has inspired you ? 

Since I started playing the piano, I think I was like 4, I liked writing things. I wasn’t ever much good at playing other people’s songs, I still can’t read music. But music, even from a young age, it was always something I wanted to take a go at. There was a while where Keegan and I were in plays together in high school, I thought maybe I’d try acting. But music inspired me more.

I think we’re most inspired by stories of bands who took conventional wisdom about the way music should be made, and then turned it on its head. Kate Bush, Talking Heads, Radiohead. They all managed to make music that was purposefully different but still emotive, catchy, fun. Complex, but easy and enjoyable to listen to. That’s where we start from. Our music is made of choices.

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

Would love to make a record with Marcus Dravis – he did The Suburbs and Viva La Vida and he’s always been in the back of my head since I was like 15. I’ve got no idea where the guy lives or what he looks like or how old he is or what he is like as a person. But the records are great!

Tell us about your album ‘Ten Seated Figures’– what’s it all about?

It’s an album about false memory and personal mythology, and about how these misrememberings or outright lies shape who we are and how people perceive us. In tandem with the album’s release we hired a group of five other people to become a second incarnation of the band.  They appear on the album cover, in our music videos, they did interviews and performed live. We wanted people to experience the same kind of false memory that we were writing about – that is, when people come across us again in the future they are made to question the memories that they have of us.

Tell us five interesting or exciting things about the city in which you are based : Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • The slurpee capital of planet earth.
  • Murder capital of Canada.
  • Home of The Guess Who, The Weakerthans, and Neil Young but we fight with Toronto over that last one.
  • The winters are really cold, but the summers are nice and hot. Most people who visit during the winter can’t believe people put up with it!
  • I’ve made it sound negative, but it’s really not! Winnipeg is a vibrant city with a lot of cool art being made, great food and people and experiences to be had. We love it there.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Putting out the record was a major highlight. This tour has been amazing so far and there’s a lot left to look forward to there! And we’re excited to start narrowing down the songs for record 3.


15th  Leeds – The Lending Rooms

17th  Wrexham – Focus Wales – Ty Pawb

18th  Wrexham – Focus Wales – Undegun

20th  Bristol – Crofters Rights

21st  London – Thousand Island