Take 5 ….. with Twinnie

Twinnie is a singer songwriter and recently signed to BMG. Her songs are really connecting with audiences in the UK and she recently had her first #1.  GIGsoup caught up with her ahead of her shows at the C2C festival.

Welcome, hope you are well. Thanks for taking time to speak to us today. 

When did you realise that you had a passion of song writing and that you wanted to pursue that creative avenue. 

I was very young. From about the age of 2, I used to make up songs of my own my mum said, just in my own little world. I started writing poems when I was about 4 and then when I got an instrument it progressed into song writing. I grew up in the north of England where typically people tell it how it is. I was always inspired by that honesty and I guess that shaped me as a songwriter.

What were you hoping to capture when you recorded your EP?

The truth and something that was relatable to other people Living in a world of social media where everything and everyone is perceived to be perfect, I wanted to write songs that were honest and authentic. I really carried that thought throughout this creative process and I have no shame in highlighting my flaws and being vulnerable.

Tell us about the story behind your single ‘Better when I’m drunk’ 

I like to write about things that people think, but don’t necessarily say. This song for me was all about showing the humour and the truth in what people actually think on a night out vs. the morning after. 

You recently spent time in Nashville. Five things you love about Nashville would include …

The people 
The music 
The food 
The community 
The history 

What are you most looking forward to when you play at C2C? 

The music, seeing everyone play. 

Quick Fire Questions:
Noble or trueTrue
T-shirt or jeansT shirt
Chip barm or fish finger sandwichFish finger sandwich
Mountain high or River deepMountain high 
George Ezra or George MichaelGeorge Michael