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Take 5 with The Teskey Brothers

The Teskey Brothers are a four piece band from Australia. Their brand of soulful blues and powerful stage presence make them an exciting band to see live. We recently caught up with Liam from the band at their sold out London show at Union Chapel.

Welcome, hope you are well. Thanks for taking time to speak to us today. 

So, the deal is 5 questions in 5 mins – here goes

For those of us new to your music, tell us about the early days and how the band started.

We all grew up in the same town. We meet when we were about 14/15, on the school bus. That’s my first memory of seeing Sam and Josh. They got on the bus with guitars and stuff. Eventually I just started talking to them. We started playing local festivals and then eventually we formed this band. It’s been 11 years as this line up.

What was the approach to studio time for ‘Half Mile Harvest’ ?

For this one, we weren’t sure we were putting out an album necessarily. We just wanted to put something together, so we had something to show. We weren’t sure if it was going to be an EP or an album.

We went into the studio and it was kind of rushed. Josh and I were going overseas. There was a self imposed deadline to put something together. We spent a week or two working on music. Josh and I went overseas and Sam and Brendan kept slowly working on the album. It took nearly a year from that point to get it finished. It was long process, but we didn’t have anyone pushing us, which was in hindsight was really nice

Generally there’s two ways, someone will come in with a song in a rough form and we’ll flesh it out together. Other times, we’ll have a few ideas and piece things together and experiment, play things through and build up that way.

Tell us a little about the inspiration behind the songs on this collection

The four of us are all writing, so they came from different places, from individual people and their experiences. There are songs about heartbreak, all sorts of things to do with our lives. We enjoy ourselves.

Five things you love about touring include

  1.  Seeing new cities I’ve never been to. I love exploring.
  2.  Trying new food. Searching out new food is my favourite thing.
  3.  Going to markets. I love looking round, you can tell a lot about a city that.
  4.  Meeting people on the road is really cool.
  5.  Getting to see music around the world. I like to search out bands if I have night  off. But also, if we’re at festivals, getting to see the bands you’re playing with, you would necessarily see in your hometown.  

What are your hopes for 2019

2019, Lots of touring, we’ll have a new album out. Aiming for bigger and better shows.

Quick Fire Questions:

Timtams or Laminations – Timtams

Ski baby or surfer dude – Surfer dude

Neighbours or Home and away – Tough one, but Home and Away

Reliable or relatable – Reliable

Guy Pearce or Guy Ritchie – Guy Ritchie

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