Take 5 with Samurai Champs

Since releasing their heavily praised debut EP ‘Crayons’ back in 2017, RnB duo Samurai Champs have got their year off to an incredible start with their latest single ‘Bae’, lifted from their long-awaited debut album.

Welcome Samurai Champs, thanks for taking the time to talk with GIGsoup. So, 5 questions, 5 mins – here goes…

What advice would you give to rising musicians? 

If you love it, don’t give up on it. It’s easy to say something is difficult and not for you. But Just like any career everything takes time and practice. 

What inspires you to make music together? 

It’s the chemistry on and off stage. It comes easily when translating music with each other. Plus we’ve been friends for a long time and sharing that energy together has always been something we’ve held on too. 

How much are you involved with your community? 

We are as involved as we can be with our community. We have our trifecta collective which is made up of a group of talented artists networking and pushing the boundaries of urban music through our province. 

Describe the music-making process in your opinion. 

The writing process is fun and most of the time in the heat of the moment. All of music is inspired by some event or experience. We do our best to translate the song that’s in our head and in our hearts into the studio. Which is the part that generally takes the longest because we are both perfectionist in some sense. So, having a timeline helps us release our songs. 

How did it feel when you released your first single? 

Quite relieved. it’s one of those things you spend so much time going back and forth with, trying to make sure every little thing is perfect. Then when it’s finally out. You just have to appreciate it for what it is. It’s a great feeling.

If you could collaborate or perform with any musician/band, who would it be? Why?

It would be great to collaborate with Drake. He’s also from Canada and I think he’s pretty versatile. Plus, every single song he’s on is becomes a hit. 

What first got you into music? 

I think it started as a hobby and a dream. But after going to concerts and watching the impact of music on people. It’s hard to not want to be a part of that energy and share those experiences in a song. 

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