Take 5 with Midland

Mark Wystrach, Cameron Duddy and Jess Carson are Midland. They started to play together formally in 2016 and have never looked back. They have Grammy nominations, toured with Little Big Town and Thomas Rhett and their thoughtful songs have gained them an army of loyal fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Their headline UK tour  sold out. They took 5 to talk to us ahead of their London gig this evening.

Hi, welcome. How has your trip to the UK been so far?

Incredible. Playing country music abroad is a surreal experience and we couldn’t be more excited about being back here. Pubs are our natural habitat.

Tell us about the approach you took when recording your new album…

Well, we knew this time around we wanted to record with the band that we tour with. We’ve become a family with these guys and we all work as one animal now, so it made sense to all play on the record together. We also wanted the sound to feel a little tougher, a little more rock and roll.

What’s the story behind ‘Burn Out’

Burn Out is essentially written about a guy that all three of us have been in our lives, we have all gone through periods of being extremely down on our luck and spending entirely too much time drinking in lonely places. Burn Out was actually written on the same day as Drinking Problem, which not a lot of people realize.

Do you recall how you felt when you first heard about your Grammy nomination for ‘Drinkin Problem’?

We were in a car about to play Good Morning America and we all just started to cry.

You have been touring extensively and I was wondering what you most enjoy about that?

We never stop, in fact, this year alone we will play 157 shows. What we enjoy most is playing live music for a living, it’s it’s privilege. 

How will you be spending Christmas?

At homes with out families and then we are all meeting up in Jackson Hole Wyoming where the band formed to perform two nights at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for New Years. That will be a religious experience for us.

Quick fire questions:

Mixtape or playlist? Mixtape

Pancakes or waffles? Flapjacks!!

Patience or kindness? Kindness

Ocean-waves or snowflakes? Ocean-waves