What was the inspiration behind your new EP ‘I Am Because I Dance’?

This EP was created back in Oct of 2018 – I was asked to open for SG Lewis as local support, but they did not want my full band to play. They asked me if I could do a DJ set – though I’d never done a DJ set before, I said hell yes. I called my good friend, Yoswayy and explained the position I was in. I seriously asked him if I should just press play on my iPhone to instrumentals tracks, he cracked up and said he would remix my songs to make this DJ set work. The sold-out show was a success and the remixed songs were well received. Tons of people kept asking where they can listen to the music online – after the come down from the high, I realized that instead of trying to create an entirely new EP, I should release the remixes Yoswayy did.

You have recently launched a new project, Twelve Months of Kingsley, releasing music on the 23rd of every month. Talk us through the journey behind this.

So after my first EP was out in June of 2018 I went into a serious musician depression. I had worked so hard on this EP and it was out and I was like, what the hell and I to do next?! I got this crazy idea of mass releasing content. I knew I was too new in the music world to just drop an entirely new project and I loved all the songs on my first EP. So I decided to do this crazy thing called Twelve Months of Kingsley. Where I release something – music video, EP, singles, hella merch – on the 23rd of each month.

The songs on the EP seem to stem from a mix of genres, talk us
through this.

My entire first EP was inspired by tons of people who look at my skin color to determine what genre they think I should sing. On this occasion, a Portland producer told me I should try stick to singing neo-soul (which I have never ever sung before) and that my voice reminded him of Aretha Franklin. LIKE WHAT!?!! I created this EP with 5 different genres in one just to prove a point that musicians don’t have to stick to one genre (like come on, it’s 2019) and the color of your skin shouldn’t determine which one. Then, I took my stems to producers that would help build the project the way I wanted to.

Who are your musical influences?

Well, typically when I tell people who inspired me they guess my age ha! I was inspired by Demi and the Jonas Brothers in middle school! Hell, I am still inspired by the JoBros (THEY JUST RELEASED NEW MUSIC)! I love a lot of different things – my influences are def modern pop artists like Usher, Beyonce, Ariana, and that jazz – but I am into rising artist right now heavy influenced by Quinn XCII and Chelsea Culter. 

What is your advice to other women wanting to make music?

Do the damn thing, 100% – whatever you want to do just do it with your full heart. People are guna judge (especially women, more often than men) you no matter so you might as well make that shit that makes your heart whole! Own your art and your craft – you were blessed with these talents, never forget that.