Take 5 with Julian Mika

Welcome Julian, thanks for taking the time to talk with GIGsoup. So, 5 questions, 5 mins – here goes

Tell us about your newest release ‘Pattern’, how is it important to you as a song?

Yoo, firstly thank you for having me, means a lot! I remember having a conversation with Jamurai, my DJ & producer about the next record (Pattern) and the direction, sonically, I wanted to go in, and I feel like a day or two later after we spoke, he sent me over a 40 sec clip of what was the foundation of track. I put that 40 sec clip on loop and the lyrics just leaked out. The beat has a feel good vibe and is easy to move to but there was an underlining darkness to it I felt, which is why the lyrics carry an element of that. I like contrasts though, there’s magic in that mix. 

The music video for ‘Pattern’ is cool, talk us through yours and the directors’ thought processes here…

Appreciate it bro (thumbs up), I wanted something that had nice lighting and felt like a movie set but also to include my mates and people around me giving it a good feeling, keeping it real and authentic, especially with that party kinda thing/pre-drinks set up. I wanted that element in the visual to represent the feel good aspect of the record, but you’ll also notice in the video I‘m not always fully there with them. I wanted that to represent the paranoia side or that thing of being in your head/with your thoughts in a surrounding that is fun – again, that contrast.  We shot it at Unit 31, the guys who run that whole thing we have known for a while and worked with before, got love for them! Shout out to them. My lil bro edited the video, shout to him – my lil g! 

Tell us about your journey and how you started making music?

Rahh, how long do we have?? (laughs) I’ve been doing music for long still, I was 15 when I fully got the bug. I used to roll with my boy to Willesden Green Resident studio and do after-hour sessions, under the table type sito, you know. We would work out ways to get p’s together and go record as much as we could – I was fully obsessed. I did that for a while and became cool with a bunch of the olders there who run their own thing Abstract Sun, shout to them man! Those years were jokes but also serious moulding times. Then I was in a group called Grand Wa Zoo, we had a good run and I learnt a lot through those times as well. Now I’m on this solo thing which is an exciting new chapter. Like everyone there have been serious ups and down but that’s life and I don’t really talk on those things that much now, you’ll find it in the music. But also right now I’m just on this hustle, positive moves and growing.   

What’s your writing process like?

It really depends, usually I throw on the beat and use my phone or something there to record my instant reaction – any melodies that come to me naturally. I don’t like forcing anything, I think Quincy Jones said something like that; the moment you force music is the moment god leaves the room. That falls true to me. Sometimes it’s like fishing you just catch the song. Once I’ve got a foundation I will listen back and refine everything. Other times I’ll listen to the beat for a couple of days, live with it and take it everywhere I go. A lot of the time that’s when ideas and concepts start coming, lyrics will show up which I note down until I get in the space where I can get all those ideas that have accumulated and organise them to make the song. It just depends, whatever feels right really.

Do you have any advice to anyone else starting out in music or preparing to release their debut?

Yeah, just go for it. 

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