Take 5 with Ivan & The Parazol

Budapestian rockers IVAN & THE PARAZOL carry the spirit of ‘70s glam-rock while incorporating modern psych-rock instrumentation, making for an amalgam reminiscent of a ‘would-be’ Brian MayKevin Parker compound.

Their third single lifted from their third full-length is ‘When I Was 17’ – a track that feels like a flared-jeans-filled psychedelic trip. The new LP – ‘Exotic Post-Traumatic’ is produced by Grammy-award winning Wil Anspach who’s worked with the likes of Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Welcome Ivan & The Parazol, thanks for taking the time to talk with GIGsoup. So, 5 questions, 5 mins – here goes…

Tell us about your latest release ‘When I Was 17’, how is it important to each of you as a song?

It was always something important for me to write about the roots of Ivan & The Parazol. Our early days, the music we used to listen and the inspirations we still rely on. ‘When I Was 17’ is about us. The band and our experiences. A true rock ‘n roll song in a time when it’s still not really ‘hip’ to grab an electric guitar, or paint a lightnin’ bolt on your face for that matter.

The music video is great! Talk us through yours and the directors’ thought processes here…

We were rehearsing the new songs, and the idea came to us to shoot a music video during that process. Nothing special – but because of that, it’s is a video that really describes who we are as a band, and what we do on stage. We’re really a live band and wanted to play to that advantage with this video. The stage, and live concerts are our real playground.

Tell us about how you came together and started writing music as ‘Ivan & The Parazol’

Long and boring story. So let’s create something more mesmerizing:

Realising in high-school that rock ‘n roll music is still fierce and true, turned four young guys’ attention towards forming a band. Listening to Deep Purple’s ‘Made in Japan’ or Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ made them totally crazy. After the first sessions, they wrote a few songs and wanted to adopt a very weird name, so their keyboardist got the idea: Ivan & The Parazol. Eastern Europe is not really famous for its rock bands, but in the ‘60-‘70s there were tons of great bands here who toured around the world. So they decided to follow their legacy, and try to convince people that the power and sexuality that comes from rock ‘n roll music is still alive. Since then, they still listen to Bowie, Purple, or Muddy Waters and still think, that 60 years of rock ‘n roll is not enough for us all.

What’s your writing process like?

Inspiration is a very weird thing, which is hard to describe. There are moments when people gather together, and write something great, out of nowhere. The process relies on the mood we’re in, the feelings we have, and of course on our environment. Sometimes we start from a riff, or lyrics, and sometimes we just jam…

Do you have any advice to anyone starting out in music?

If you have a vision, anything, and you can play something, say it out loud. If it’s good, people are gonna listen to it, no matter what. But if you have nothing to say, don’t do it. If you create music you have to be passionate, true, and humble. And yeah, f*ckin be unique, ‘cause then your music won’t have any expiration date…

The new LP ‘Exotic Post-Traumatic’ will be released across all platforms via Butler Records 22nd March 2019. And you can catch Ivan & The Parazol live at The Sebright Arms on the 16th April 2019.