Take 5 … with Amy Lawton

Amy Lawton is a London based singer songwriter. Her thoughtful lyrics and and stunning voice are winning her an army of fans here , in Europe and in the USA.

Welcome Amy, thanks for taking the time to GIGsoup. So, 5 questions, 5 mins – here goes …..

How did you celebrate New Year and what are your hopes for 2019?

I celebrated New Years with family and we spent the evening listening to music, as well as singing and playing it! My hopes for 2019 are that I will be able to reach even more people with my music than I did last year. I’m also hoping that I’ll take my first trip to Nashville this year. 

Tell us the story behind your new single ‘Don’t Bring Louise’ 

The story behind the song is a true one, as it’s about a real girl that I heard was dating my ex. I wrote the song sort of about imagining what she was like and wishing I could go back and make things different. 

What five qualities make a good friend …..

 I think loyalty, honesty, generosity, being fun-natured and having something they’re passionate about which inspires you! 

What’s your approach to songwriting?

My approach to songwriting is not to worry about what the trends of songwriting are, or what anyone else is doing but just to write what feels good to me. I think a lot about what I want to say in a song and how I say it, the lyrics are the most important part of songwriting to me. 

The five words that sum you up are…

Creative, Musical, Thoughtful, Dreamer, Forgetful 

Quick Fire Questions:

Fact or Fiction? Fact 
Tights or socks? Socks 
Cheese or wine? Wine 
Passion or patience? Patience