Take 5: Lanco

Lanco, the Nashville based, double-platinum selling hit makers have been building quite a reputation on both sides of the Atlantic. Tracks such as ‘The Greatest Love Story’ and ‘Born To Love You’ alongside winning their first ACM award last month have sealed their place as one of the best next/gen country acts. Fans have been flocking to experience their energetic, packed out shows stateside. They won an army of British fans when they played at C2C last year. We caught up with them in London when they kicked off their headline tour of the UK.

Welcome. It’s great to have you back. So here goes, 5 questions, 5 minutes.

Congratulations on just winning the ACM award for best New Duo or Group of the Year. How was that night?

It was pretty incredible. It’s something you dream of. You start to connect with people everywhere, they like your music. Then within the community of music, to win an award like that really is an affirmative thing. You’re succeeding with your fans, but for your peers to acknowledge your place in country music feels really incredible.

The most fun part of the night was performing on the live show. It was really amazing. Looked in front, Brooks and Dunn were sitting there, Chris Stapleton, Keith Urban – it was Psyched City! They were looking, waiting for us to start. A few years ago, would have loved to shake their hands and take a picture, now they are sitting there, watching us. It was very surreal.  We were at the same sound check, it was crazy.

You have a new track out – ‘Rival’ please tell us the story behind that song

It started with Tripp. We were on the Dierks Bentley tour with Brothers Osborne and he had this drum beat in his head. He was working on stuff for the second record, experimenting, trying different things. Tripp started to sing this melody. Brandon came in, adding stuff to the chorus and it became this song.  It was melodic, and had a beat, it feels good, that is a great place to start.

Then they side-tracked and started venting about some things that had gone on in our lives and some of our friends had been going through.  It doesn’t matter what you do, everyone goes through times in life when they feel like they are facing opposition. They thought, what if this was an anthem for when you feel in that place, instead of ignoring it, acknowledging it. There may be people who don’t root for you, that’s ok.  Let’s give them a name. Call them a rival and use it all as motivation. So it turned and became this anthem song from there.

Tripp and Brandon brought it to the rest of us at sound check the next day.  (We often try out new songs at sound check.) The lyrics were just something the rest of us could relate to so well.  Perhaps that’s why people are starting to latch on to it, sometimes everyone feels that way.

What are your memories of recording your first album ‘Hallelujah Nights’?

When we started recording that album, we had all just got fired from our jobs. Brandon had met the producer, Jay Joyce and it happened that he had two weeks free.  He’s worked with Eric Church, Little Big Town.  We love him and his production style.

We didn’t have management, a label, booking agent, no shows were booked. To just be able to do a record with Jay Joyce, there was an excitement. We were making a record because we like music, trying to take in every moment of doing that. You don’t know if it’s going to work and if people will get it. We remember Brandon saying. ‘If nothing else ever happens, enjoy this moment for what it is, because we are making a record with one of our favourite producers in the world.’

What inspired your love of country music in the first place?

It was pretty natural. We are all from the south-eastern part of the United States. We’ve experienced a lot of the things country music talks about in real life. We are all connected to it that way.

One of our Grandma’s had the same Randy Travis on in her car the entire time I was a kid!  

Another big thing was the stories – growing up listening to Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss, Dixie Chicks, that’s where the stories came alive.  We love telling stories and the story tellers, that’s what country music is historically.

You are undertaking a headline tour of the UK, what 5 things make things traveling more enjoyable.

  • A tour bus!!
  • Getting to travel with my friends
  • I-phones. For multiple reasons – for music, just having a sound track when on a plane or bus. Also, for taking pictures, to remember when I’m 60 years old, one day.
  • Neck pillows and being able to sleep on a plane
  • Getting to experience all these new cities and countries

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