Take 5: Joell Fender

Joell Fender is a music industry stalwart – Providing backing vocals for artists such as Years and Years, Kwabs, Disciples and Demi Lovato on legendary platforms Later with Jools Holland, the MTV EMA Awards and Glastonbury to name a few. Legend! But he is also now an artist in his own right and has a single ‘Lately’ out under the banner Elevns x Joell Fender. We decided to find out more via 5 key ‘Take 5’ Questions……

When did you realise that you wanted to be a performer? What or who has inspired you ? 

When I was 9 years old I started singing in local showcases and competitions. My main song I used to sing was Stevie Wonder’s ‘Lately’ (Lol so ironic that’s the title of my song too) and he was such a prolific figure in my life at that time, he still is now. I remember the feeling and energy I’d get from the audience once I stepped on the stage. I knew from this time that performing was something I loved and that was very natural to me. 

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with? What was it like collaborating with Elevns?

If I had to say an artist that’s not with us anymore, definitely Amy Winehouse. Her tone is everything. In terms of right now, I’m loving Normani she’s such a performer! I think a collab between us would be super. It was a dream collaborating with Elevns, honestly! They’re so dedicated and present. We had the track completed quite a while prior to releasing it and every chance they had, they were perfecting the production until it became what it is now, hat’s off to them! 

Tell us about your latest single ‘ Lately’– what does it mean?

Lately is a song I think everyone can relate to. It’s about someone you’ve liked for a little while finally beginning to show you some love back. Perseverance is key I guess? Lol 

You are from London. Tell us five things you love about the city  and why……

  • 1 – Growing up in london, it’s always been so multicultural. From primary school up to my adult life, I’ve met people from so many different walks of life and backgrounds, I love that! we need to keep it this way!  
  • 2 – London is so liberal, it’s a place you have the freedom to be exactly who you are
  • 3 – The music! We have so many artists from london REPRESENTING! The London sound is making a lot of noise right now, putting us on the radar world wide, it’s opening doors for us newer artists
  • – I’m definitely a foodie, we have options galore when it considers good food in London. But ‘After hours’ in New Cross – when it’s late and you need your belly full this is the place! 
  • 5 – I’ve ran out of options so I’ve gotta cram two into this one. Carnival and Hyde park. In the summertime, there’s nothing like spending a couple hours in Hyde park! It’s the best, literally puts everyone in good spirits, I do this every summer without fail. Also carnival! I’m carribean so the celebration of my culture is so important to me! It’s such an amazing moment, the dancing, the costumes, the food. It’s everything 

What are you most looking forward to this year? 

I’m really looking forward to releasing some more music and having my own headline show, watch this space lol…