Take 5: James Morrison

James Morrison has been bringing us heartfelt, soulful, beautifully crafted songs since 2006 So much has happened along the way, he has had two #1 albums, five Top 10 singles and won a Brit Award.  He has a new record out and will be touring soon.  It was a pleasure to talk about love, working with Joss Stone and the Royal Albert Hall with this truly talented artist.

Welcome James, hope you are well.  So, the deal is 5 questions, 5 mins …… here goes

You filmed the video for your new single ‘Feels Like The First Time’ at the iconic Royal Albert Hall. Please talk us through that experience and how that all came about?

I was doing a gig that same night in the Royal Albert Hall and as it’s such an amazing building we decided to kill two birds with one stone and filmed the video there too. I love the way the light streams through those beautiful windows.

What are your memories of working with Joss Stone on the track ‘My Love Goes On’

Chicago was cold but Joss was great. She’s been in the business a long time and she knows what it’s about – being yourself and making great music!  Joss brought so much energy to the shoot and song – it was a long day but we had fun so it went really quickly.

Is there one song on your latest album ‘You’re Stronger Than You Know’ that stands out to you as really capturing where you were and what you wanted to say at that point in time? Please tell us about that

There’s a few that stand out to me. “Power” is one of them, because it’s empowering to me … my lady-friend and women in general. It’s about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin, when you’re been telling yourself your worthless. 

“Slowly” is also really important to me as I wrote it about self acceptance – this was really central to me on this album.

And also “I Still Need You” because it is true and reminds me of old soul music – which influences so much of my music.

Five things that are great about being in love might include …..  

5 things ….. oh… ha ha! Ok well…

–  Sex is great!
–  You’re both on each other’s wave length so it’s easy to talk about stuff and can laugh at each other ….. a lot 
–  Knowing someone has got your back … and you’ve got theirs – it’s a nice feeling. 
–  Being in love is knowing the other person’s faults and accepting them at their worst – and despite their faults you still love them.

–  Not having to immediately worry that I’ll end up alone.

If you had to choose a place simply to go on holiday, where would it be and why there?

I would love to go anywhere in the Caribbean. I love the climate, the vibe, the food, the people and just the way of life.

Quick fire questions

Joy or perseverancePerseverance

Book or filmFilm       

Eggs or baconEggs

Slide guitar or lead guitarLead

James Brown or James BluntJames Brown