FELIN makes another stellar move towards her debut album with serial-killer-inspired anthem Black Heart. Praised by notable press, she lives up to the reviews with her new single, out now.

Welcome FELIN, thanks for taking the time to talk with GIGsoup. So, 5 questions, 5 mins – here we go…

Tell us about your latest release ‘Black Heart’, how is it important to you as a song?

Black Heart is the first song from the upcoming debut album, and it’s the song that started this new era and sound for FELIN, so this song means a lot to me.

The aesthetic is great! Talk us through your production inspiration…

Thank you! I’m lucky to be working with such a great director, Fredrik Etoall. He’s amazing and inspires me everyday. A lot of times the magic happens in the moment and in this video the people of the streets of Havana is the true inspiration behind this video. When Fredrik found this amazing man that looked like the famous Cuban star Pedrito Calvo, driving a pink convertible smoking his cigar everything fell into place.

What’s your writing process like?

With this new album I wanted to build it as if it were a movie, filled with dark humour, sex, revenge, love and death. I’ve been working very closely with the same song-writing partner, John Strömberg, on the songs and once we decided to go in this more retro inspired direction we also took everything back to the roots and just focused on writing the songs on piano and guitar first and only after that we started the production. Almost everything on the album is recorded live, everything from the strings, to the horns, to the drums and so on. I love the feeling and rawness live instruments bring.

If someone hasn’t heard your music before, what can they expect from listening to you?

The music has a rock energy but with pop melodies. It’s retro inspired, dirty and loud, with twisted dark lyrics. And if you haven’t you should check us out live, it will be sweaty and energetic, and you will have a blast!

Do you have any advice to anyone starting out in music?

Be a doer and take no shit! The music industry can be a scary dark place sometimes and it’s easy to lose yourself or get cynical. So, hold on to the energy and the dream that got you into it in the first place and don’t let anyone step on you and what you believe in. Sometimes it’s better to just do and not think too much, grab the opportunities and have fun along the way.