Take 5: Carnival Youth

Latvian trio Carnival Youth are back with a brand new release – a double A side single featuring ‘Birthday’ and ‘Phantom Planet’ -out now via their own label, Carnival Youth through The Orchard. Blending gloriously hazy vocals with Tame Impala-esque jangle guitars, the two new songs manage to pull of an incredible combination of the melodic, experimental and catchy sound for which the band have become known for. We simply had to find out more with our ‘Take 5’ probing questions with band member
Emīls Kaupers…..

When did you realise that you guys a passion for song writing and that you wanted to form a band ?

We all met in the 8th grade and spent two years just hanging out together. Then one day after school, somehow we ended up in a rehearsal place playing together. With no real goal to form a band or to become musicians, it just happened very slowly and naturally. And we did not know what we were doing, but we fell in love with being in a thing called “band” and just kept doing it.

If you could, as a band, collaborate with anyone – living or dead – who would it be and why?

The first that comes into my mind is David Bowie. He has been one of my biggest influences and also has collaborated with hundreds of musicians during his colorful, creative career. But there are plenty, so many inspiring people that we would love to work with.

Tell us about the stories behind the songs on your Double A side single ‘Birthday’ and ‘Phantom Planet’ – and what has been the reaction to them?

Sometimes choosing the first single can be a really hard decision and there are a lot of aspects that have to be taken into account. This time there were so many opinions that we decided to release two songs!

I think songs should speak for themselves. They have beautiful visualizations on our youtube channel.

And so far the feedback has been great! There are people who like one song better than the other, and the other way around! It’s cool!

You are from Latvia. Tell us five things you love about Latvia and why…….

• It’s small and cosy.

• The nature is very close. Sea and forests are always a couple of km away. I think it’s a very self-evident thing to a Latvian.

• It’s green, beautiful and peaceful, like Shire from Lord of The Rings.

• We can experience all four seasons in their entirety.

 • Latvian pagan culture and national celebrations are super-fun. And we have the best beer.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Oh, you know, to enjoy the process of doing everything around music and to do it with love and care. Travel, play shows, meet new people, create collaborations. So we look forward to the release of our third album and the upcoming tour!