Take 5: Bad Animal

BAD ANIMAL, Calgary’s swaggering Rock renegades recently released their new single “Waste My Time” as second single in the run-up to their second full-length “Growing Pains” – an album which is clever and confident, yet maintains the hallmarked sound the outfit has found themselves to be associated with, which rings raw and true. First preview was the relentless “Blackout” which provided post-punk tendencies and showcased a whole new sound to the five-piece’s sonic aesthetic.

Welcome Bad Animal, thanks for taking the time to talk with GIGsoup. So, 5 questions, 5 mins – here goes…

Can you describe your new track ‘Waste All My Time’ for us, and what the song means to the band?

The song is essentially a summer track about wasting all your time with someone or something that you love.

What was the creative process like for ‘Waste All My Time?’ Do you all write the song as a group or is there a lead songwriter that starts the foundations?

The creative process is always different but generally we write as a group off of individual riffs and ideas.

Name your 5 favourite artists at the moment

Choir Boy, King Krule, Trippie Redd, Peach Pit, Neil young

Dream venue to perform at, and why?

Madison Square Gardens NYC, Reason – It’s in one of our most influential cities and uhhhhh its Madison Square Gardens!

What is the music scene like in Canada – any plans to come to the UK?

Ever evolving and rad. Canada is always coming out with new acts and each city has their own scene that is doing something creative or different.6

Better believe it, we will be playing 3 UK fests in May including – The Great Escape, Sound City and Focus Wales, as well as a show in London with Mother Mother on May 6!  The UK holds a huge place in all of our hearts, I also grew up listening to UK rock bands and adore many of them.

Bad Animal release their sophomore album ‘Growing Pains’ 26th April 2019.