Take 5: Allman Brown

UK singer/songwriter Allman Brown will release his anticipated sophomore album Darling, It’ll Be Alright this spring. Out on May 10th, it features an exciting evolution for the London-via-Hong Kong artist who expands upon his sonic palette while continuing to maintain his raw sensibility and aching melodic mastery. Today he released his new song “Home,” a moving missive from the road with carefully etched power and passion.

Welcome Allman Brown, thanks for taking the time to talk with GIGsoup. So, 5 questions, 5 mins – here goes…

What has been the highlight of your live career so far?

Playing Omeara in London for my first album launch was a special night.

You are touring all over the world, any specific country or city you like playing most and why?

Every place is unique and interesting to play. You just never know who you might meet. Playing in Germany is always a blast though because you tend to be treated very well by venues and get lots of delicious home cooked meals.

Your new single ‘Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles’ is great and obviously hints at an inspiration from LA, can you elaborate?

It’s about feeling isolated in one of the weirdest, most singular, interesting urban spaces ever. I wanted to capture the history, glamour, mythology and sadness of LA and write a song that in the end has an edge of defiance to it to banish the melancholy.

What sort of gear to you take on the road with you? Any favourite guitar you might use?

I’m an absolute luddite so I have very limited gear. I take my Taylor guitar, a few leads and I’m good to go.

Dream venue to perform at, and why?

Royal Albert Hall in London. I used to be work behind the bar there and it’s pretty hallowed ground in terms of the acts that have played there. Not to mention it is a beautiful building.

Photo credit Flore Diamant