Hertfordshire’s Standon Calling is a festival that has been creeping slowly under the radar over the last few years, showcasing some incredible talent and providing one of the most unique settings and atmospheres seen at any site in the UK. 2017 looks set to become Standon Calling’s most successful year to date as they have gone bigger and better than ever before, not just with the line-up. Headlined by Grace Jones, Orbital and Clean Bandit – with the likes of Slaves, Editors and more propping up the rest of the bill, some incredible comedic acts will be on show too as well as the enticing ‘Tales of the Enchanted Valley’. Oh, and who could forget everyone’s favourite informative and still to this day iconic, childhood TV series ‘Horrible Histories’ highlighting “The Best of Barmy Britain” also at the festival.

Taking it back to the music, there are many bands hoping to utilise Standon Calling’s ability to give the ‘leg-up’ it has to so many in the past, one of those being Strong Asian Mothers – a London three piece that have been causing something of a stir in the underground circuit and are now fully equipped for the limelight with their heavily hip hop and pop infused sound, blended together to create a something of contemporary alternative bliss. Kalim, Josh and Amer are the first to jump into our ‘Standon’s Calling’ series in which they reveal to us their knowledge of the ‘bloody wonderful county’ that is Hertfordshire and festival stories of the past.

You’re playing Standon Calling this summer, what do you know about Hertfordshire’s premiere Music Festival?

It has a swimming pool!

Have you been to Hertfordshire before? And if so, what do you know about the county?

One of us used to go out with someone in Hertfordshire. It’s a bloody wonderful county. It’s in our top 5 counties, easy. Shouts out Cheshunt.

Are you sticking around for the whole weekend?

Gonna play it by ear I think this year, see how the weather holds out. But if we do stay rest assured we’ll make sure we drink water when we’re in the sun.

What do you most look forward to about festival season?

Dressing up as animals 🙂

There are some great bands and artists playing Standon Calling this year. Who are you looking forward to checking out while you’re here?

Grace Jones… and us. We always watch each other when we play.

‘Tales of the Enchanted Valley’ features at the festival in July, what interesting and funny tales do you have from festivals over the years?

This one time our trumpet player got SO drunk he fell over right in the middle of a field! We had to help him to his feet again, but not before we’d had a good old laugh at him!

Which tracks of yours do you most look forward to playing live?

Animal. Because: “It’s the best song ever written.” — Amer’s Nan, 2016

What was the first festival you went to as a punter?

T in the Park. We only went for The White Stripes, and Edinburgh is quite far to go for one band. Then we got there and found out they pulled out. It was not a “Lols” story I tell thee.

Tier one tickets for Standon Calling have sold out and  Tier two tickets are selling fast so grab them while you can. For more information, visit Standon Calling’s website by clicking the picture below.


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