Standon Calling ‘In Their Own Words’ – Jae Tyler

As the height of festival season draws ever nearer, we can almost taste the first Luke-warm drop of arena beer and it’s nearly time for the frantic surge to peg down your tent and with Standon Calling not too far over the horizon, GIGsoup’s Ben Bowman caught up with Jae Tyler to preview his Hertfordshire excursion next month, giving his nod on who to check out as well as his festival essentials.

You’re playing Standon Calling this summer, what do you know about Hertfordshire’s premiere Music Festival?

Yes we are enthused to play SC this year. I only know Lord Alex and his impeccable ability to procure great bands for his festival. Also that it seems to be a big, weekend long, free for all, nature and music induced mass euphoria.

Have you been to Hertfordshire before? And if so, what do you know about the county?

I’ve never been!!

Are you sticking around for the whole weekend?

I really wish I could, but my best friend is having her 30th birthday party in Berlin the day after our show and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I missed that.

What do you most look forward to about festival season?

Beer, music, nature, friends, repeat, etc…

There are some great bands and artists playing Standon Calling this year. Who are you looking forward to checking out while you’re here?

Horse Meat Disco, Grace Jones, Chk chk chk, Orbital, Strong Asian Mothers, Editors, and Gary Numan. I at least look forward to hearing about it from my friends and bandmates staying the whole weekend (*)

‘Tales of the Enchanted Valley’ features at the festival in July, what interesting and funny tales do you have from festivals over the years?

I’ve never been one to attend festivals, but my first concert experience was at Ozzfest in Wichita, KS** when I was 9. I remember seeing Eric Schenkman (Spin Doctors) play Star Spangled Banner on guitar and it inspired me to practice more.

Which tracks of yours do you most look forward to playing live?

ALL OF THEM. Mainly ‘Life as a Wall’ which is, in my mind, the flagship song. It showcases how insanely talented the people in the band are, all the while dishing up some dumb ass, sun drunk, surfy metal madness. Also, ‘Show & Tell’ which is a Graceland/Tom Petty-esque odyssey into the abyss of human emotion. And lastly, stupefy the adorable audience with ‘I Warned U’ which is meant to sound like a band of 13 year olds trying to mimic their favorite Misfits/Metallica (Master of Puppets) song.

What was the first festival you went to as a punter?   

** 🙂

Do you have any festival essentials? What do you always take with you without fail?

Soap, money, Ipod Nano, beef jerky, blanket, compact emergency first-aid kit, and FRIENDS!!!!

Finally, what do you have to say to the thousands of fans counting down the days to see you at Standon Calling in July?

We say,”Count the days, all you fans, until counting no more. For anon we shall scrape melted face from the floor!”.. Also, “Hold on to your butts!!!”- Samuel L. Jackson

Tier one tickets for Standon Calling have sold out and  Tier two tickets are selling fast so grab them while you can. For more information, visit Standon Calling’s website by clicking the picture below.