This week, GIGsoup had the chance to catch up with SPINN, a young and exciting new band from Liverpool and self-proclaimed “connoisseurs of jangly Dream-Pop”. Talking bus services, tattooed fans and musical influences, lead singer Johnny Quinn took time to speak to us….

How’s it going today Jonny, anything much going on today?

Nothing much, just boring work with my Dad to be honest!

Nice! Is Sam Meaghan your manager at the moment?

Yeah Sam is….he’s always ringing me to wake me up!

You have a gig tonight in Liverpool?

Yeah, with TRASH and a band called Plain Vanilla

How are you looking forward to the show?

It’s going to be great, I really like TRASH so it should be cool!

SPINN are a young band. Do you think that you have, helps a band with progress, and does bring young mean that people are more likely to help you along?

I think it’s a mix of both really. Because we’re young we have a lot more time on our hands. Also, because we are young, people are more impressed when they hear us- that we sound like we do.

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How did you come together to form SPINN?

Basically, I went to school with Andy [Power]. He left my school and started a band with the bass player Sean [McLachlan]. I was in a band with George [Whitehead], the drummer. They both split up and then…..SPINN!

Liverpool must be a great place to start a band, with the city’s musical history and the many live music venues?

Yeah, it’s a brilliant place to be for us!

Again, being a young band, you may sometimes clash. Is there anything that always causes an argument?

Loads of things, really! In particular, just taking the piss out of each other

We listened to your track “Home” the other day. We thought it had a lost summer romance feel to it, with guitars similar to that of The Drums, or 90’s band Field Mice. Is that a direction you were aiming for, is there a particular mood you aim to create?

That’s definitely what we went for with that song. Something similar to The Drums: a nice, clean, pop song. We just write songs and create something that feels right. We’ve got a couple of tracks we are working on right now!

How do write and create songs as a band?

I do the lyrics. Then basically, I, Sean or Andy will come up with an idea and we’ll all add to it musically- it’s a joint effort.

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So SPINN have a tour coming up in July?

Yeah- I don’t actually know where we’re going but I know it is around the UK!

Just jumping in a van and seeing where it takes you then?

Yeah, pretty much!

How are you looking forward to the tour? Is there new material you will be taking on the road with you?

Yeah, we are working on a load of new stuff at the moment! We will be releasing a load of new songs shortly….but we will be playing all our older stuff too. We have built a fan base off of the original tunes so we’ll play those too!

You have a couple of London dates lined up?

Yeah, we are playing with CLAY which will be great! One of the shows is at Tooting Tram which will be good…the venue looks like an old barn- should be cool!

Is the aim to play more London gigs?

That is definitely the aim, yeah. When we play Liverpool, we do quite well and usually sell-out a gig. But, I mean, I want to get out a bit more, explore the country and get our music out there. But, you can’t forget the roots of your hometown….although I think that is when people think you make it as a band, when you make that move to London.

Despite social media and everything that comes with the internet, is it still hard for a band to gain recognition outside of their hometown?

To an extent, yeah! Our London shows, we don’t get a massive crowd, but Liverpool is huge!

This year, more than ever, there seems to be a tonne of new and small festivals. How important is that for upcoming bands like yourselves?

Yeah it is great! We’re not actually playing that many festivals, but the fact you can just go and play to a load of random kids…..not just old hippies who won’t get you, instead, it is people who actually want to listen to you

Still early days for SPINN, but have you had any weird encounters with fans?

Someone got a tattoo once! Before George joined, when we were proper early foundations. We had played two gigs…a girl got a tattoo saying SPINN!

Blimey, that’s full on!

She’s dead nice, like! But we were like “what have you done?!” Another girl got a tattoo this week, but it was temporary, thank God!

Not going on to politics at all, but with the General Election coming up, we’ve being thinking what we would put in our manifesto if we were running. We reckon more crisps in each bag, there’s loads of space not being filled in the bags! What would you put in your own manifesto?

More buses! Buses piss me off, every day of the week!

Have SPINN got any got any post-gig rituals?

Usually, Any will go out for a cigarette….we all discuss the gig and then, well, just get shit-faced!

Finally, is there an album or a band you can recommend for summer listening?

Yeah, a small band called The Men I Trust, a little electro Indie-Pop. They have a couple of really good tunes!

SPINN’S UK tour runs throughout July this year. Follow their Facebook page for the latest info and updates:

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