SoulNidus shares compelling new single, “Opening Scene”

SoulNidus’ powerful blend of music and visuals have helped them garner a following well beyond Canada. Their debut in 2005 led to substantial airplay on BBC and a follow up album recorded partially at the storied Abbey Road Studios. SoulNidus cemented their reputation for music that was impossible to pigeonhole with a sound that was entirely their own.

The band recently released a new single, “Opening Scene” – a building, melancholic meditation on the blend of frailty and strength that compels us to risk rejection and seek out those connections.

Listen to “Opening Scene” and check out our interview below!

Can you talk to us about the inspiration behind your latest single, “Opening Scene”?

E: I have always believed that LOVE has superpowers. This song is about LOVE’s life changing superpowers. Leave the rest to the listener.

Sal: For me life is all about the opening scene. It has the potential to influence the rest of the scenes; including the closing scene.

How do you think your community has contributed to your success?

E: Communities are perhaps one of the most important aspects of our lives as social beings. They shape us and give us character. Sal and I have been lucky to live in a few places and be part of multiple communities at the same time. We have had the rare opportunity to sample from several communities and cultures.

Sal: The Love and support we have always received from our communities have always been our foundation and we always try our best to remind each other of that.

What was the first thing that got you interested in music?

E: The power of music! I think music is the closest thing to a time machine. Nothing can take you to an exact moment in life like a song. It all started with the lyrics for me and it still is probably the deciding factor in both writing and listening to music. Before I knew how to write my own songs, I’d write my own lyrics to my favourite songs and sing along to them.

Sal: I always loved music, but when it comes to playing music, it was simply because I wanted to impress E. I originally wanted to just play a lead guitar part on one of his songs, but then I got hooked.

Describe to our audience your music-making process.

E: To be honest, I haven’t quite figured out how it works yet. I just know that they somehow come to me as if they’re floating in the air. Not to be all Sci-fi about it but they come to me and not the other way. I’m constantly listening for them. Cause if I don’t get them they go to someone else. In fact I don’t remember any song that was a result of me deciding to write a song. Now, they’re not all good obviously, but the very good ones come all at once and in one package and in 15 minutes!  

Sal: We dont have a particular process, once there is an idea that we both agree is solid, we start the journey of taking it to the sound we have in mind.

What advice would you give other musicians?

E: Set the right goals for yourself.

Sal: Always observe your surroundings. They make your art.

How did it feel when you released this new music?

E: Felt very good. We do a lot of writing and any time we get to share these songs with others, it feels very special.

Sal: It is one of the most exciting feelings to release a new track. It is another chance for us to connect with others.

And finally, if you could collaborate with any musician/band, who would it be? And why?

E: For me collaboration would be a way to learn from them, so I’m going to say Bono.

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