Snipers of Babel : Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

What happens when you have a rock band that has eight members with five of the members being on vocals? You get a rockin’, metal core, high energy performance from a band named, Snipers of Babel. Mike Bossier (guitar, keyboards and samples), had a chance to talk with us to learn a little about the band and the dynamics of having such a large group to work with.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We want to learn a little bit about the band. Tell us a little about Snipers of Babel. Could you introduce the band and explain where the name “Snipers of Babel” was brought about?

Hello. I’m Mike Bossier. I play guitar and I do the keyboards and samples. My bassist Chris Hicks has been playing with me for over 20 years now and hands down the best bass player I’ve ever been in a band with. Vocalist’s Tommy Mott, Jeremy Dyre and Mark Lorenzo have also been in various projects with me over the years in band’s such as Spine, Audio Terror Regime and Zekiah. Chris Austella is an amazing Death Metal singer from bands such as Abominog and Inhumation. The project’s vocal talent is topped off with the beautiful voice of Layla Singer. I wanted to have amazing drums so I recruited the awesome, Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Devil Driver and the list goes on) to handle that. Snipers of Babel are kind of a local super group comprising of five of my favorite singers in their own vocal ranges. Originally this was only going to be a studio project, but as time went on we all decided we want to do this live. We want to take the band a step further, so now we’re in the process of finding a live drummer who can fill the shoes of Kevin Talley.

As for a name, I felt we needed a name that represented a large group or a pack, because the band is so big. I was thinking Wolves of Babylon, but that name was obviously taken and then Tommy came back with “How about Snipers of Babel?” and I immediately loved it! In ancient times the Tower of Babylon represented corruption and now in modern times we continue to have corruption with our government and mainstream media and the snipers are the ones bringing forth the truth.

How did you all decide to get together to form a band? I know most of the members came from different bands originally. You have eight members in the band and five members of the band on vocals, which is definitely not typical. Does greatness come in numbers? How difficult is it for eight members to sit down and make a collaborative song?

Jeremy and I have been in contact over the years and talked about doing something like this and he finally said that he wanted to do this. He wanted to bring along  his friend Will, who is the drummer from Body Count. Since Zekiah was on hiatus, it allowed me to write the stuff I’m best at. So I had a bunch of ideas and I just had to woodshed for a while. I started writing and then things just really started to flow. Will couldn’t commit to the project after all, because Body Count and his other project was so busy. I went ahead and contacted Kevin Talley and after he heard the stuff he was really into it and wanted to do it. The band is actually really easy, since I write all the music. I send it to Kevin with a click track then he does drums and after that the bass is done. Then I will usually lay keyboards and sample ideas I have. Once that is done, I’ll present it to the vocalist with ideas I have for vocal parts and lyrical ideas and they take it from there. The vocal sounds I have in my head can’t be done by just one person, so yeah, it takes at least five to accomplish that! Honestly I think, more gets done when you have a vision and direction to convey. Essentially there’s not a bunch of cooks in the kitchen. The band has a heavy core metal sound.

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I know bands don’t like to be tied to one genre, however what kind of music would you consider Snipers of Babel to be in terms of a classification and why?

Well it’s definitely metal, but has a strong mix of industrial and atmospheric new- age type of a sound layered in there. However, I’m a huge fan of epic soundtrack type of music and I try to put that in as well I want. The music itself, tells a story even before the vocals are on it. Nowadays there’s so many sub-genres of metal. It’s so confusing, so I just pretty much tell people it’s metal but definitely different.

Who are some of the band’s musical influences that helped shape the sound of Snipers of Babel?

Outside of all my influences, my favorite styles that I tend to hybridize.  We have death meta,l hardcore, orchestral, and world music ideas that are all thrown into the pot and that’s what makes it so unique I feel. We’ve often been told that we remind people of a band that’s from Europe and it’s probably because of this.

How does it feel to perform live and see fans singing your songs?

Well I can only dream of this, because we haven’t played out together yet. Other than not having a drummer we are a very tight band since we’ve been rehearsing to recorded drums. We’re still in the process finding a live drummer who can fill the shoes of Kevin Talley which is very very hard to do. Once we have a drummer we intend to do some awesome shows and festivals as well

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What can fans expect to see when going to a Snipers of Babel show? What do you want the fans to know about the band?

Total chaos on stage, mainly because there’s so many goddamn people in the group! We want people to know we don’t choose sides politically, because there’s so much corruption on both ends of it. All the stuff we sing about is the truth and brings to light all the corruption, which is what we want all fans to know.

What is next for Snipers of Babel? What is in the works for the new year?

We have a record that’s going to be released on Lost Apparition Records in January/February that were really really excited about. It’s going to have Vincent Castiglia’s artwork on the cover. If people don’t know who he already is, although I’m sure they will soon. He’s a world-renowned blood artist who’s going to be featured on Showtime sometime in March I believe. He’s inspired by HR Gieger, one of my all-time favorite artists. It’s almost like a dream come true having his work on our cover. Our logo was designed by Art Hamer, another incredible artist who I’ve known many, many years and it’s awesome to have his band logo. This whole process has been very, very calculated with every move we’ve done so far. Hopefully we can keep doing it that way. I hope people will see it in the music and the layout of everything and enjoy it as much as we do!