I recently caught up with Slackrr’s frontman Scotty Perry in between the band’s busy touring schedule. Having just travelled down from Kettering that morning after last’s night gig at The Yards Bar, the guys were preparing for their next headline show that night at Andover’s Rockhouse. “[Last night] was a very good show, really busy, and we went down well…I hope,” he laughs. “I love being on the road, personally. It’s fun in the van, it’s constant laughs all the time, it’s great chemistry.”

Slackrr are a three-piece punk band from Southampton. In less than a year, the band have released three singles, two music videos, and begun to make a name for themselves as a touring band in the UK underground scene. “The whole thing started as just a project. I was writing a song to record and jamming with a couple friends, then suddenly we were getting booked for gigs after we released it, and BBC Introducing kindly picked it up.” Due to the increasing number of gigs, it became far greater a commitment. “It was really unexpected. The first two guys didn’t want to do it. I knew Cait already and she liked the band, so she came on board. We needed a good drummer, and Connor auditioned then turned out to be one of the nicest guys that we know.

“His drumming is great in terms of rhythmic ideas, Cait’s bass playing is just solid so I don’t have to worry about it. It gives me a lot more freedom to be creative with the songs and come up with different sections and ideas. Cait sings so we can put the harmonies in there. It’s evolved from having none of that to start with to being able to do so much more with just the three of us, and hopefully emulate it live.”

The band has been featured on radio shows including Voice FM, BBC Introducing, and Rock Rage Radio to name a few. “We also did a Live Session for BBC Kent in September. That was really good fun. There’s been loads of stuff, and all that happening in less than a year has just been mind-blowing. People have been really kind to us.”

Photo by Michael Berkeley

In early September, Slackrr also signed their first management deal with On The House Music. “Marcus and his team are wicked in terms of the press and the PR. They’ve managed to get our music out to a wider audience, and to people who probably wouldn’t talk to a little punk band from Southampton otherwise. He has a lot of faith in us which we really appreciate.”

Slackrr’s most recent single, ‘Lights on’ was released in late October last year and has received a really positive reaction. The music video was premiered worldwide through Blank TV. “[The music video] was hectic. That was done in about a four hour shoot or something.” The majority of the video, filmed and directed by Bonnie McLaughlin, was shot in Planet Sounds rehearsal studios in Southampton.

Not long after its release, the track even got played on The Mike James Rock Show. “Management told us it went out to about 3 million listeners on that day, which was cool, so that’s about 3 million people who probably hate us now.” Not only have big names in radio and media taken to the track, but it’s also been greatly received by the fanbase. “Playing it live, people seem to know the lyrics,” Scotty’s noticed. “Last night, some guys came up and told us it was their favourite song, which is always lovely to hear.”

Since this release, rumours have sparked surrounding the release of their debut album in 2019. Very little can be said at this stage, but we do know it’s going to contain ten songs, some of which have been part of the band’s live shows for a while now and some brand new. The album was recorded by Pash Stratton, the same producer Slackrr had worked with on the three tracks previously released. “We got ideas from Pash, did some rearranging. Just making it as concise as possible and exactly how we wanted it.”

In regards to the writing process, Scotty believes many of the songs contain strong messages. “I guess it depends on how you interpret them. They mean something completely different to me and the guys than they may do to others who listen to them, which I kinda like. It’s taking certain topics like the way people treat each other, they way we interact, social situations maybe. Concepts like friendship and betrayal, or just being pissed off in general. It’s all a bit shit at the moment, so hopefully it’s things people can relate to.”

Clearly, from releasing their first single to having already recorded their debut album less than a year later, the band’s come a long way in an impressively short space of time. The year must’ve included some exciting highlights. “There’s always something new, something more exciting or unexpected,” he answers. “I think pinpointing something as ‘the highlight’ takes away from the ‘what’s next?’ and I always hope there’s something next. It’s been a crazy year. We feel really fortunate.”

On the 30th of January, Slackrr’s debut four-track EP will be available on CD. Limited to just 100 copies, the EP will include the singles already released and a brand new track titled ‘I Know.’

Artwork: Laurence Crow


The Winchester Gate, Salisbury 12/01
The Purple Turtle, Reading 14/01
Music Expo, Bristol 19/01
The Fleece, Bristol 20/01
Strings Bar, Isle of Wight 30/01
O’Neill’s, Watford 07/02
Working Men’s Club, Pilton 09/02
Bar 42, Worthing 10/02
The Castle, Luton 16/02
Apple and Parrot, Torquay 22/02
King Arthur’s, Glastonbury 08/03
The Horns, Watford 11/02
Fiddler’s Elbow, London 17/03
Verve Bar, Leeds 22/03
West St Live, Sheffield 24/03
The Bunkhouse, Swansea 28/03
Phoenix Bar, High Wycombe 13/04
The Cobblestones, Bridgwater 21/04
The Waterfront, Norwich 27/04