Siska talks ‘London Remixed Festival’ in exclusive GIGsoup interview

Formerly the lead singer of the ‘finest French world beat gang’, Watcha Clan, Siska has firmly established her identity as a solo artist with her tantalising trip-hop beats, nu-soul vibes and delicate vocals.

Siska‘s ambitious slow-mo music video for single ‘Unconditional Rebel’ complimented the excellent ‘A Woman’s Tale’ LP, fulfilling critics expectations with her heartfelt lyrics that tell tales of motherhood, love and relationships – concepts that fit perfectly with her LP title.

This Febraury, Siska returns to London Remixed Festival to grace the stage with her soulful grooves and dulcet tones. We caught up with the singer songwriter to find out her thoughts on London’s music scene and why festival goers should catch her perfomance.

How did you react to finding out you were on the London Remixed Festival line-up?

I was very happy to finally connect with the Global Local/Continental Drifts crew, this festival is like a twin brother of a great event in Marseille called Global Local too, so I was very honoured to be invited!

Have you played in London before?

Yes, I’ve played several times in London. Last year I did a gig in Brixton and 7 years ago I also came to Richmix (London Remixed Festival) with my first band Watcha Clan, so it’s fun to come back and perform at that venue.

What do you like most about London and its music scene?

The musical diversity, the avant-garde… it seems that music is really a part of the London culture.

You stepped down as the lead singer Watcha Clan to pursue a solo career, how have you found the transition?

After more than 10 years with a band, I needed to know what I could do by myself. My inspirations were changing, I wanted to speak more about daily life, the complexity of love and relationships, and something maybe more intimate.

Becoming a mother was the start of the transition between these two musical projects.

Your sound has been linked to the ‘neo-soul’ and ‘trip-hop’ genres, but how would you describe your music?

I’m a child of many different kinds of music like reggae, hip-hop, electro, trip-hop, so today I make my own mix of all these ingredients. I try to find a balance between intimate and dance floor atmospheres, between emotions and energy, because that’s what I am!

The slow-motion video for ‘Unconditional Rebel’ was shot in an impressive 5 seconds, edited to depict a 3.5 minute ‘dreamlike mural’. How do you come up with such concepts for your music videos?

This video is a result of combining great ideas together. This track inspired the director to innovate… he found the concept listening to the song and everything went fast.

It’s more about meeting the good people at the right time!

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London Remixed festival is hosted in Shoreditch – a hotbed for creativity and innovation. How do you keep your sound fresh?

Questioning myself every time. Nothing is still, you rebirth everyday.

Why should festival goers catch your performance at the London Remixed Festival?

Because it’s a great live act. The stage is where I feel alive, singing, dancing, grooving is my way to connect with people.

Who are you looking forward to seeing most on the lineup? 

New York Brass Band, our friend Chris Tofu and all the bands that I don’t know and that I just want to discover!

What can we expect from Siska in 2018?

We’re now working with a string quartet, it’s like a dream, it gives another dimension to my music. And of course new compositions on the way!

London Remixed Festival tickets are available to purchase via Eventbrite. Siska will be headlining the festival on Saturday 3rd February 2018.