Silent Theory – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

From playing their first sold out show to being featured on MTV’s Cribs, it’s no surprise Silent Theory’s first released single “Fragile Minds” off their new album, ‘Delusions’ blasted through the charts onto radio stations nationwide. Subsequently, the band has recently released another chart topper off the album, “Watch Me Burn”. The complete album is filled haunting piano driven songs with lyrics of melody and heavy core vocal mixes, which pull listeners in and hook them bait line and sinker from first listen.

GIGsoup had a chance to talk with Mitch Singer (drums) of Silent Theory to get to know the band, understand their roots and find out the future for the band.

Thank you for talking with us. We want to get to know Silent Theory a little and learn a little about the band. Tell us a little about the band (band name member introductions) and what kind of music Silent Theory produces?

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!  Silent Theory started in 2010 and included myself (Mitch Swanger), drums, my brothers Scott (guitar) and George (bass) and family friend Robert (guitar).  After a few lineup changes we added our singer Dakota in 2014.  For some reason I always struggle with trying to explain our music to people or who we sound like.  I think musically you’ll see a lot of influence from Breaking Benjamin and Evan’s Blue, and vocally, Dakota gets compared to 10 years quite a bit.  We try to be eclectic in our songwriting and I think it’s reflected in our album Delusions.  We try to give you a little of everything.

Your first single released, “Fragile Minds”, the piano is the most noticeable hook, also quite addictive and haunting. The piano basically leads the song with its brilliance. Where did the idea of composing the song with the piano come into play?

Scott actually had written the piano piece and the rest of the music flowed from there.  You can tell right off the first note that the piano is what drives the song.  Scott was looking for something a bit haunting and I think he found that.  George is the one who recorded the piano on the album.

I can’t help to think Silent Theory’s sound encompasses bands like Incubus and Lincoln Park. Dakota’s rap/rock vocals sound make the sound very comparative. When you first sat down as a band, is this the sound that you thought people might compare you to?

Absolutely.  One of Dakota’s biggest influences is Linkin Park and he will be the first to tell you that they were the band that really got him into rock music.  He possesses a really unique vocal style and is quite talented when it comes to rapping so we try to infuse that where we can.  I am hoping with our next album you’ll see more of it because he is incredibly fast.  We’ve always been fans of the rap/rock fusion.

Which brings me to the next question, as a band, who are your musical influences? I have bands tell me their influences may be Michael Jackson, Metallica, etc, however those bands don’t come out in their sound as a whole. What kind of music/bands shape who you are as a band?

We definitely have some commonalities among the bands we like but we also have some pretty big differences and I think that is what helps shape Silent Theory.  We all love the classics like Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, etc. but everyone has tastes that differ.  Robert was really into punk growing up, Dakota was really into Linkin Park and similar bands, George likes classic blues and jazz, and Scott probably has the heaviest taste in music.  For me, I’m kind of all over the board but would say my main influences fall into the classic rock category.  I love Rush and am a die-hard Moody Blues fan.  I think a lot of the reason that bands have their influences but may not sound like it is for two reasons.  First reason, a lot of those bands are hard to replicate and that is why they are so iconic.  There will never be another Michael Jackson or Metallica.  Some may come close, but no one will pass them.  The second reason is I think bands don’t want to pigeonhole themselves.  I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I wouldn’t want people to hear Silent Theory and say, “Look, a RHCP knock-off.”

Currently, you have out an album titled “Delusions”. Tell us a little bit on how easy or difficult it was to make this album, because as far as a band as a whole with Dakota as your lead singer, it is your first album.

The writing and recording of Delusions came somewhat easily.  We all collaborated in the album, but a bulk of the music was written by Scott and a bulk of the lyrics were written by Dakota.  Dakota is really poetic and smart about his lyrics so there was very few times he presented lyrics to us that we felt needed a change.  For example, the lyrics that you hear on Fragile Minds are the exact lyrics Dakota presented to us; there was no alteration.  We had bits and pieces of previous writing that we included on the album, such as Outta My Head and Leave Alone, so we came in with a few songs already, even prior to Dakota’s arrival.  I had the music written for Watch Me Burn for years and Dakota and I sat down one evening on my deck and smoked cigars and drank beer and wrote all the lyrics out.  The songwriting just came really naturally for this which made the whole process feel seamless.

Recently, Silent Theory has performed some live shows. What is your favorite thing about performing live?

I don’t think there is a greater feeling than being able to share your art with an audience.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction than when we are performing and I see people really digging the music.  We totally feed off of their energy.  We also love meeting people after the shows and hearing their stories.

What is next for the band? Are there any plans for tours or new music in 2018?

We are planning on releasing a new single early spring 2018, possibly an album by summer and will be touring and hitting the festival scene.  Unfortunately those are all in the works so I can’t divulge any information yet, but stay tuned!

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