Already gaining a reputation for energy-filled live performances and infectiously anthemic songs, The Shimmer Band are rapidly becoming one of the most exciting bands on the new music scene.  Formed in Bristol in 2014, their unique brand of psychedelic indie rock is almost majestic in it grandiosity.  Intense and fun-fuelled choruses create a powerful live atmosphere befitting of the flamboyant music and sheer passion of the band.

Latest single ‘Jacknife and the Death Call’ combines thumping  basslines, rolling drums, charismatic vocals, intricate riffs and hypnotic synths to give a sound mildly reminiscent of The Happy Mondays or even Primal Scream.  Whilst previous singles have achieved widespread critical acclaim, ‘Jacknife…’ possess a rock ‘n’ roll tone that brings a new level of emotive depth to The Shimmer Band’s music.

Currently touring with Cabbage and April, recently having announced a headline UK tour, and being set to play the main stage at Kendal Calling 2017, it looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year for The Shimmer Band.  GIGsoup’s Bethan Brace was lucky enough to catch up with the band behind the scenes, before their performance at The Globe, Cardiff.

This is the first night of your tour with Cabbage and April How’s it going so far?

Tom N:  Well, it’s the first night so not much has really happened yet.  We arrived and sound-checked about an hour ago.  It seems like a good venue so yeah, sounding good.  Looking forward to starting.

You recently released your latest single ‘Jacknife and the Death Call’.  Can you tell me a bit about what inspired it?

Tom N: I think it came a bit from…

Schmidt: No, don’t tell her the story!

Tom N: Well I have to now!  Basically we were listening to Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ and it’s got like a really neo-electric punk vibe.  So yeah, we wanted to capture some of that in this song.

How do you think it compares to your other singles?

Tom N: It’s a bit more violent.  I think it’s a bit dirtier, but it still has that same big unifying sound as the other singles.

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Do you have a favourite song to play live?

Schmidt: Personally I like playing ‘Jacknife’.  I don’t know about the other guys though.

Babsy: Yeah, I agree.  I like our opening song too.  No I don’t.  Well, I do!  But I love our single ‘Freedom’.

Tom N: Yeah, ‘Freedom’ is great to play.  People seem to know it quite well, and it’s a big tune.

You feature on the first Kendal Calling line-up announcement.  Are you looking forward to playing it?

Tom N: Yeah it’s going to be amazing.  We can’t wait for that.,  We’re playing the main stage as well on the first night which is perfect.  Means that the crowd are still alive.  And that we’re still alive too!

This year there are some amazing acts playing.  Are you hoping to catch anyone in particular?

Tom N: Yeah, I think Brian Wilson is playing.  And obviously the Stereophonics It’s a pretty good line-up actually. Everyone who’s playing seems pretty tight.

2016 saw you make huge ripples on the new music scene.  What can we expect from 2017?

Tom N: Obviously we’re kicking off the year with our tour with Cabbage, and today we announced our headline tour which will be in April.  And then obviously we’re playing Kendal Calling too.  Should be a good year yeah.

Finally, are you listening to anything in particular at the moment?

Tom N: Obviously we’re listening to the bands we’re touring with, it’s good stuff.

Schmidt: Jesus and Mary Chain’s new single is amazing.

Babsy: Well, I’m still listening to Primal Scream’s ‘Chaosmosis’ to be honest!


‘Jacknife and the Death Call’ is out now via Komplex records.

Tickets for the band’s headline tour are available from

Tickets for Kendal Calling are available from

The Shimmer Band - Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

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